throughout your playthrough that Dragon Age: Inquisition, you"ll be solving political issues, do friends, and, that course, conserving the world. However, you can still take the moment to include a tiny romance to your life. There room plenty that romance options to pick from in the game, and also one that those is the Tevinter mage Dorian Pavus.

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Though he will happily flirt with any kind of Inquisitor, Dorian can only be romanced by masculine characters.

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properly committing come a romantic connection with any type of character will certainly earn friend the "Beloved and Precious" achievement/trophy. Here"s every little thing you need to know about beginning up a relationship with Dorian.

Recruiting Dorian

Dragon age Inquisition Dorian Pavus
Before you deserve to romance Dorian, you"ll an initial have to recruitment him come the Inquisition. Relying on whether girlfriend side with the Mages or the Templars will impact when Dorian very first appears.

If you choose the Templars, Dorian will certainly arrive to warn the Inquisitor the the impending attack on Haven. If you choose the mages, after ~ meeting through Alexius in Redcliffe and obtaining Felix"s note to satisfy in the Chantry, Dorian will appear to assist you seal a Fade rift.

Regardless of as soon as he join up with the Inquisition, it does not influence the romance. Declining Dorian"s assist and refusing to enable him to join the Inquisition will eliminate him permanently native the party and you will not have the ability to romance him.

Dragon period Inquisition Flirting v Dorian at Haven
To progression your connection with Dorian, you must raise your approval rating with him and complete his an individual sidequests.

You deserve to raise your approval rating once speaking v Dorian and also choosing dialog alternatives that he will certainly respond fine to. Dorian loves flirting, witty responses, and anything that supports mages. He will not respond fine to insults about mages or the Tevinter Imperium. your decisions in miscellaneous quests and also the storyline will certainly also adjust Dorian"s approval rating the you, therefore be sure to always support mages and be moral with those roughly you.

Speak v Dorian ~ every significant story occasion or any kind of sidequest that requires or affects him, as this is when new options are most likely to appear. Many importantly, always choose the romance options in conversations (marked through a heart).

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Dragon age One much less Venatori Quest
Dorian"s an initial sidequest "One less Venatori" will certainly only end up being available once you have an initial completed the "Dorian"s Request" war table operation, i m sorry unlocks ~ you first arrive at Skyhold.

This quest requires killing three groups of Venatori, 2 of which can be found in the Hinterlands, and also the final group deserve to be discovered in the Exalted Plains. The areas will be roughly marked on her map, so simply need to uncover the enemies and defeat them.

Regardless of whether Dorian is in her party or not, death the Venatori will certainly raise his approval of you.

Last will of great Men

Dragon age Inquisition The Last will of great Men quest
Dorian"s next sidequest will certainly become obtainable if you have raised Dorian"s approval rating v him enough for him come have discussed the letter about Felix with you. After ~ which, if friend speak to mother Giselle in Skyhold"s garden, she will begin the "Last resort of good Men" sidequest.

mommy Giselle has actually been contacted by Dorian"s father, that wishes to arrange a meeting. You have actually the alternative of telling Dorian if you want to, but this doesn"t really change his approval later on so do everything feels best for you. Head to the Gull & Lantern tavern in Redcliffe with Dorian to continue the quest.

During the meeting, encourage Dorian to hear to his father and hear him the end so that they deserve to reconcile. This should an outcome in the Inquisitor leaving Dorian and also his dad to talk. When Dorian returns to Skyhold, choose the "Are you every right?" option and then later, pick the romantic "Good things" choice to finish the cutscene v a kiss.

Dragon period Inquisition the magister
Dorian"s final sidequest "The Magister"s Birthright" will just unlock after friend have efficiently completed "Last resort of great Men". When this is done and also you have enough approval, speaking with Dorian will result in him informing the Inquisitor the he intends to visit Val Royeaux come retrieve an amulet the belongs come his family.

Go come Solas"s quarters next, wherein you can speak with among Leliana"s messengers about the amulet and begin the quest in earnest. you can pick to speak through Dorian around it further, but he will shut the conversation down and it has actually no impact on his approval. go to Val Royeaux to accomplish with Ponchard, the vendor who has the amulet. He have the right to be found near the northwestern quick travel suggest on the ground floor map.

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On speaking with Ponchard, he desires you to execute something for him prior to he will certainly return the amulet. Girlfriend will have actually three alternatives to pick from:

Agree/Disagree — picking either will unlock the "Help Ponchard de Lieux" battle table operation. (Dorian will certainly slightly grant if girlfriend disagree.) Intimidate Ponchard — this have the right to only be excellent if the Inquisitor is a Qunari or a non-mage Trevelyan, or if girlfriend earlier blackmailed Gaspard, Celene, and also Briala into working together during "Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts". (Dorian will certainly slightly disapprove.) Kill Ponchard — this option only becomes available after trying to intimidate him. Doing this will make Dorian greatly reject of you and also you will not be able to further your romance.

If you have the right to intimidate Ponchard, execute so, don"t worry about the slim disapproval. If not, you"ll have actually to complete the "Help Ponchard de Lieux" war table procedure to obtain the amulet, together it"s necessary to progression the relationship. 

If you acquire the amulet with intimidation and Dorian is through you in ~ the time, the will end with you returning to Skyhold and also entering into a cutscene through him wherein your romance will certainly reach its following stage. If Dorian is not through you, or you have to acquire the amulet via the battle table operation, speaking through Dorian in ~ Skyhold once you have the amulet will prompt the cutscene to finish the romance.