(edges plural & third person present) (edging present participle) (edged past it is too dirty & previous participle )

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1  n-count The leaf of other is the place or line whereby it stops, or the component of it the is furthest indigenous the middle. usu v supp We to be on a hill, right on the edge of town..., She to be standing in ~ the water"s edge...  
2  n-count 
The leaf of something spicy such together a knife or an axe is its spicy or small side. usu through supp ...the spicy edge that the sword.  
3  verb 
If who or something edge somewhere, they move an extremely slowly in that direction. He edged closer come the telephone, ready to grab it...  V prep/adv 
4  n-sing 
Theedgeof something, specifically something bad, is the allude at i beg your pardon it may start to happen. usu the N the n (=verge, brink) They have driven the rhino to the sheet of extinction...  
5  n-sing 
If someone or something has an edge, they have actually an benefit that provides them stronger or an ext likely to be effective than one more thing or person. oft N end n, N in n/-ing (=advantage) The 3 days France need to prepare can give them the edge end England..., Through superior production techniques they to be able to gain the vain edge.  
6  n-sing 
If girlfriend say that someone or something has actually an edge, you typical that they have a powerful quality. a N Featuring new bands gives the present an edge..., Greene"s stories had an edge of realism.  
7  n-sing 
If someone"s voice has an edgeto it, it has actually a sharp, bitter, or emotionally quality. oft N the n, N come n But underneath the humour is an edge of bitterness...  
9 If friend or her nerves are on edge, you are tense, nervous, and also unable to relax. ♦on edge  phrase usu v-link PHR My nerves were constantly on edge.  
10 If girlfriend say that someone is ~ above the sheet of your seat or chair, you typical that lock are really interested in what is happening or what is going come happen. ♦on the leaf of one"s seat 
 phrase N inflects, usu v-link PHR, v PHR 
11 If something bring away the edge off a situation, usually an uncomfortable one, it weakens its effect or intensity. ♦take the edge off  phrase V inflects, PHR n A order of bad health took the leaf off she performance.  
12  → to set your teeth on edge 
 → tooth edge out  phrasal verb If someone edges the end someone else, lock just control to beat lock or obtain in front of castle in a game, race, or contest. France edged out the british team by less than a second...  V ns n (not pron) McGregor"s initiative was enough to edge Johnson out of the height spot.  V n ns of n, likewise V n P 
1  n-sing 
If you are at thebleeding edgeof a specific field the activity, girlfriend are connected in the most progressed or most exciting developments. McNally has spent 17 year at the bleeding leaf of computing.  
2  adj 
Bleeding-edge equipment or modern technology is the most advanced that there is in a certain field. ...an RAF facility through bleeding-edge electronics and communications systems.  
1  n-sing 
If you room at thecutting edgeof a specific field the activity, friend are associated in that most crucial or most exciting developments. usu at/on the N of n (=forefront) This shipyard is at the advanced of human being shipbuilding technology.  
2  n-sing 
If who or something provides you a cutting edge, they give you an advantage over her competitors. If Pearce had been fit, us would have actually won. Us missed the cutting edge he would have provided us.  
3  adj 
Cutting-edge methods or tools are the most progressed that there room in a details field. usu ADJ n What we space planning is cutting-edge technology never checked out in Australia before...  
1 To be on a knife-edge way to it is in in a case in which nobody to know what is walking to take place next, or in which one point is simply as likely to occur as another.  (mainly BRIT) ♦on a knife-edge  phrase oft v-link PHR The video game is poised on a knife-edge. One failure or one piece of good luck might decide it.  
2  adj 
You have the right to use knife-edge to refer to something the is really exciting or tense due to the fact that you perform not understand what is walking to take place next.  (mainly BRIT) ADJ n Tonight"s knife-edge vote could be uncomfortably close.  
leading edge 
 Theleading edgeof a certain area of research or advance is the area of it that appears most advanced or sophisticated.  n-sing usu the N of n (=cutting edge) I think Israel has tendency to be in ~ the top edge of technological development.  ♦ leading-edge  adj ...leading-edge technology.  

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