“Hokey religious beliefs and ancient weapons are no enhance for a good blaster at your side, kid.” –Han Solo, Star Wars: A new Hope

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As the Galactic Civil war dominates life in the galaxy, nobody is safe. From civilians and also common thieves come troopers and Jedi, protection and ingenuity are paramount to survival. In the pursuit for victory, every tool and weapon holds the potential to guideline the scale in the battle for the galaxy.

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Fantasy trip Games is proud come announce Gadgets and Gear, a 142-page vital collection the weapons and also equipment for Star Wars Roleplaying!

With Gadgets and Gear, video game Masters and players have actually a huge an option of devices right at their fingertips! This sourcebook gathers weapons, armor, attachments, and also gear from every three Star Wars Roleplaying game lines consisting of Edge the the Empire, Age that Rebellion, and also Force and Destiny. It also adds brand-new pieces that equipment, consisting of weapons and also armor offered by heroic and also villainous characters whose deeds space whispered about across the stars.

With numerous gadgets and also gear catalogued in an quickly readable new format, finding the perfect tool for the job has never to be easier.


Legendary Weapons

Gadgets and also Gear is break-up into nine different chapters cataloging blasters, projectile weapons, exotic weapons, brawl weapons, melee weapons, explosives, armor, attachments, and also equipment. Scattered among these listings room iconic weapons and equipment provided by the many famous personalities in the Star Wars galaxy.

One of these legendary items is Luke Skywalker’s iconic environment-friendly lightsaber, a beacon of hope in a galaxy rule by the Empire. Despite this isn’t things you’re likely to stumble across, you never understand when you might cross courses with the Jedi Master, especially because he is profiled in Allies and Adversaries!


A brand-new display pattern for equipment makes important stats basic to find!

Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber is fairly standard once it pertains to its physics components, a low vital value guarantee your adversaries will receive resilient damage, especially with the Vicious 2 trait. However, to the galaxy in ~ large, the lightsaber to represent so lot more. The Return the the Jedi ability allows the wielder that the lightsaber to spend a destiny point after deflecting a ranged attack to do disciple checks much easier for your allies for the remainder of the encounter, motivating those around them with impressive skill.

Every above weapon gives a unique capacity for their wielder, giving added thematic weight to weapons favor Han Solo’s tradition DL-44 or Darth Vader’s Lightsaber. 

The ideal Fit

But these iconic weapons space exceptionally rare, wielded through those who have already proven themselves in the galaxy. Player character’s will have to rely on their very own gadgets and also gear to endure the problems of the Star Wars galaxy. Luckily, this sourcebook consists of a large swathe of alternatives to prepare her character for the adventures ahead.

The soldiers fighting ~ above the frontlines the war may be attracted to the wide selection of blasters transparent the galaxy. From the A280-CFE Convertible heavy Blaster Pistol come the XL-2 “Flashfire” light Blaster Pistol, over 60 ranged tools are thorough in the book, making it the ideal location to discover the perfect weapon to keep at her side in a pinch.

While blasters room by much the wanted ranged weaponry that the galaxy’s warriors, projectile armaments are still exceptionally common. Slugthrowers, the most typical projectile weapons, are favored by smaller populations and also those without accessibility to blaster weaponry. Slugthrowers depend on chemical explosions come launch steel slugs at high speed toward targets. Flechette weaponry, which relies on sharp-edged debris, and dart shooters the impale targets and deliver a range of toxins are likewise popular and Gadgets and Gear will overview you come 20 the these unique projectile weapons.

Those that uncover themselves top top the edges of society, life in hives that scum and also villainy top top the outer Rim might be drawn to an ext exotic weapons. Bounty Hunters regularly use weapons v Tractor Beam technology, and couple of have stared under the barrel the a custom Wookiee’s bowcaster and lived to tell the tale. This weapons are unorthodox, only found in specific regions the space, however that doesn’t do them any type of less efficient than more traditional gadgets and gear. Over 20 of this weapons are featured in Gadgets and Gear, providing unique weapon options players might otherwise never ever consider.

Sentient beings have actually been fighting each various other for survival, dominance, and pride in the Star Wars galaxy because that millennia. While most now use high-tech weaponry to carry out so, countless still resort to pummeling each various other with whatever appendage is most handy. Brawling weapons variety from classic knuckle-dusters come high-powered shock gloves, and they seldom require a user to learn new fighting approaches to wield them. Thirteen of these brawl tools are in-depth in Gadgets and also Gear, for those who desire fight up close and also personal.


Unlike brawling weapons, melee and Lightsaber weapons require comprehensive training to use effectively. The designs vary from straightforward knives to much longer polearms come the legend lightsabers of the fabled Jedi Knights. Plenty of of these tools carry social significance and are supplied in traditional rituals or ceremonies. While generally considered inferior come ranged weaponry, melee weapons and lightsabers can be lethal if your wielders room able come close distance. Over 48 melee tools are thorough in Gadgets and also Gear.


Explosives and also ordnance, which selection from hand grenades and shaped charges all the means up come portable rockets and missiles, dominate battlefields. Explosive technology is capable of transferring a range of effects and also can be how amazing versatile. Still, most explosive ordnance is minimal primarily to army use transparent the Empire. The process to achieve a permit to use military explosives is arduous, and permits are generally limited to specific mercenaries, local defense forces, and bounty hunters. With Gadgets and also Gear, you"ll find over 40 methods to fix a trouble with explosives.

Each of this weapons deserve to be customized with attachments. Personalizing weapons and also armor through unique changes has provided smugglers, starship captains, and stormtroopers alike the capacity to individualize themselves and, often, send a article to those who would challenge them. From customized blasters come personalized lightsabers, Gadgets and Gear contains over 120 attachment alternatives for your character’s gear.

While every one of these weapons can be deadly, the suitable armor can defend the savviest of heroes. As conveniently as brand-new weapons space designed and also employed top top the battlefield, designers are tasked with producing stronger, much more versatile armor to combat rise casualties. Even if it is the score is to save lives or merely avoid the prices of training brand-new soldiers, armor is a vital part the warfare. However, also in day-to-day life, anyone who gets affiliated in a heated disagreement might want to it is in wearing other sturdy to safeguard their vitals. Over 50 pieces of armor are catalogued in Gadgets and Gear, consisting of the Mandalorian armor worn by the well known bounty hunter Boba Fett, and also the cold jail of metal and wires that keeps the infamous Darth Vader alive.

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The last chapter that the book focuses on the large topic of equipment. Strewn across the galaxy is a look at unlimited variety of items that range from weird and silly to important for making it through in the hostile environments that space found approximately every corner. Indigenous cybernetic augmentations and also medical equipment to microdroid listener and combination cutters, the Star Wars world is brimming with a plethora the tools and also gadgets that room sure to bring every adventure come life. This catch-all chapter consists of over 130 piece of equipment from throughout the galaxy to aid your heroes in your adventures.

All aligned Up

This publication contains every little thing a hero requirements to start their adventure in the Star Wars galaxy. Even if it is they cross routes with top heroes and also villains or build their very own legend, they’ll require the proper equipment featured in Gadgets and also Gear, the necessary collection of devices for your players!

Always be all set with Gadgets and Gear (SWR17), accessible now because that pre-order native your neighborhood retailer or our website with complimentary shipping within the continental united States!