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Día turns 25 this year! memory in format with brand-new Día posters, T-shirts, dead bags and also more! ALSC and graphic collaborated v illustrator Reggie Brown to develop beautiful images that record the spirit of Día. Visit the graphics Gift Shop to acquisition items:

Día-Children"s Day/Book Day transforms 25 this year! re-publishing news around your Día programs v our brand-new Día graphics and posters. Use the social graphics in your posts and customize a poster v your event details to share.

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There are a couple of ways to add a regimen to the nationwide Día regimen Registry. (See the screenshot below.) friend can pick “Program Registry” in the top menu or girlfriend can pick “Register your event today!” to get started.

Visit the free Program Downloads page to download brand-new reading lists for children from birth with Grade 8. Use the new posters and social graphics to encourage households to storage Día whereby they are.

A word indigenous the Ezra Jack Keats Foundation:

The Ezra Jack Keats structure is proud to support Día in 2020 as we re-superstructure a solid commitment to providing families, libraries and also educators with an expanding an option of outstanding multi-cultural children"s books. Ezra Jack Keats was the grand of varied children"s books starting in 1962, with the development of his classic book, The Snowy Day.

The EJK foundation extends the Keats legacy through the Ezra Jack Keats Award, co-administered by the de Grummond Children"s literature Collection at the university of southerly Mississippi. Due to the fact that 1986, the EJK Award as been gift to an outstanding writer and illustrator beforehand in your career, whose book, in the spirit of Keats, shows the multi-cultural nature of our country. The EJK Award has actually supported the careers of several of today"s most essential makers of diverse children"s books.

Additionally, the foundation’s programs encompass an yearly Bookmaking vain for brand-new York City public institution students and the EJK Mini-Grants awarded each year to public school teachers and librarians throughout the country.

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To keep communities safe indigenous the COVID-19 virus, it is crucial that everyone exercise social distancing. Thankfully, we deserve to do that and also still storage Día - Children"s Day/Book Day!

2020 resources Coming Soon!

Updated booklists, posters and also downloadable graphics space on the way!

2019 Día resources are here!

Click top top the complimentary Program downloads tab come download the new 2019 Día internet badges, booklists, and also banners! likewise download the Día event poster, include details about your event, and also promote your Día celebration.

Congratulations come the winners the the center for the research of Multicultural Children"s literary works 2019 Día approve with an afri American Focus. The 3 winning libraries each will certainly be awarded $500 in selected multicultural children’s books.