Lauren is a brothers girl that left she life in India and also moved to India come be with the male she loves. She writes about and shares her adventure end at English Wife, Indian Life. 

Recently, she began a series where she share the motivating love stories of other girls around the world who dropped in love through an Indian man. My story is a bit different as mine love wasn’t Indian, however we met in India and that is wherein our love story started.

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You can examine out my story here and the remainder of the stories here!

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Published by Mani (A brand-new Life Wandering)

Just a gal that loves travel, healthy living, music, art, film, dance, food, and also God.I have moved and also left nothing behind plenty of times. I blog around my experience traveling about the world, search a straightforward life, and also eating healthy.View all posts by mani (A new Life Wandering)

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5 thoughts on “My Story Featured top top English Wife, Indian Life Blog”


Cee NeunerOctober 7, 2014 — 1:52 pm




Soul n SpiritOctober 12, 2014 — 11:27 am

I read it and it is so inspiring. Whatever is fair in love, you both space Soulmates !



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Ciao! My surname is Mani and I’m a gal with a name from India, born and raised in Mexico City and currently resident in Austin, TX. In 2008, ns left my “normal” life, join my soulmate, and also began one unconventional and spontaneous life. Sign up with me as I blog about travel, food, healthy living and also my nomad life together a wife and mom with a travel, food, photography, and also chocolate obsession. Review more.


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