should i examine use the csse?when i check that... Naught happen, i median no captcha settle on the captcha sniper.It did display captcha on the left table yet no resolve attempt on the ideal table...

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Hey GSA users, if you space wondering if this works well v GSA... Ns woke up this morning to 1241 resolved captchas. The brand-new update is just ridiculous awesome. Upgrade F-B now!
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so.. If we only select this "use captcha communication detection" and here is the concern that i want to ask...1. We can only use CS through GSA ONLY and also we can"t use CS together with we to run a multiple software. Favor using CS as soon as running GSA, SENuke X and WikiBomber. Is it right?2. After i select "use captcha platform detection" currently my wikibomber can"t verify my genuine deathbycaptcha account. Just how to fix this for this reason i have the right to use my captcha fixing account?thanks

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i thought id write-up this here as others are wondering the relationship to making use of CSX with SER, i recognize we have to select "use captcha platform detection", yet what if us have included additional captchas come the CDK? do we require to select those separately? Also, what around naming conventions for added captchas? If we include captchas indigenous the unknown captchas folder and name them captch1.. Captch2.. Etc.. (as we dont know what communication they were saved from), CS would certainly not know how to complement it as much as the platform from SER, correct? which brings me back to the the first Q, do we need to select them "in addition" to the "use captcha communication detection"? ... Or have the right to we just use 1 method or the other?thanks men edit: also, there are a number of duplicate captchas contained in the "User Defined" ar now, including:Coppermine photograph GalleryCoppermine photograph Gallery-loginFUDforumFUDforum-2IcybookIcybook2can u permit us know if these are forced for some objective or just "slipped through the net" and should be deleted?Also, there space a variety of "User Defined" included captchas in CSX which have a lower solve price (and different solve method) contrasted to the previous version CS + 32 additions, is there any reason because that this to it is in this method or can/should we income the vault versions and also delete the new ones?edit2: would i be exactly in assuming the "use captcha platform detection" setup creates sub-groups the captchas to avoid the size conflicts? after a bit of testing, i have noticed the if that setting is on, captchas the the same type/size space not gift detected and are quite being saved as unknown under a various group form than the one it is save under in CS, even if personally selected (ie. Guestbook -> "Enter word verification in box below" captcha is being conserved as unknown with a location "General Blogs-xxxxx.gif"). Go it average we have to re-save that in CDK v the captcha name basic Blogs?basically simply trying to gain an expertise of just how the brand-new option the "use captcha communication detection" interacts v user identified captchas and also what we need to do to use both?