If friend think you’ve viewed all that Epiphone has to offer, think again. In thisEpiphone Ltd execution 1966 g400 Proreview we’ll have a look at this work again, please again of a vintage classic and also find out if it’s precious buying.

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Launched as component of Epiphone’s 140th-anniversary celebrations in 2013, this classic rock guitar has got a the majority of character at a very affordable price.

In this review, we’ll discover all the features and also hardware that this guitar. We’ll talk around its sound and feel, weigh up the pros and also cons, examine out the alternatives, and look at a couple of frequently asked concerns to give you every the details you need to decide even if it is you require this guitar in her stable.



What room the differences between the Epiphone Ltd execution 1966 g400 Pro and other G400s?

The G400 line was began in 1989 giving a budget version the the Gibson SG, because then there have actually been several changes made to the hardware so the age of the guitar will certainly account for part differences. Over there is currently a wide variety of g400 models with various distinctions in hardware and finishes available, specifically in the pickups and tuners used and also the controls. The 1966 edition likewise has some cosmetic differences, because that example, the larger batwing pickguard, i m sorry also means that there are no pickup mounting rings around the humbuckers.

Are there various finishes obtainable on the Epiphone Ltd version 1966 g400 pro?

Yes, friend can obtain this edition in heritage Cherry (which enables the serial of the mahogany to peek through), Ebony, Silverburst, Alpine White, wood Grain and also Pelham Blue. Girlfriend can pick the finish to suit you. All are finished come a high glossy shine.

What controls space on this guitar?

Volume 1, Volume 2, ton 1, ton 2, and also 3-way pickup switch. You deserve to pop the Volume pots out to switch each pick-up come single-coils too. The separate volume and also tone controls median that girlfriend have complete control end the sound the you produce and permit you to produce a complete spectrum the tones for various purposes and also moods.

What space the pickups ~ above the Epiphone Ltd edition 1966 g400 Pro?

The pickups space Alnico standard Pro on the neck and also Alnico standard Pro plus on the bridge. These room passive humbuckers in series with push-pull coil tapping and also are among the key selling clues of this guitar. For more information top top the differences between Humbuckers (like these) and P90s (like the original 1966 SG) inspect outthis to compare article.

Does the Epiphone Ltd version 1966 g400 agree come through a instance or gig bag?

Unfortunately, this etc doesn’t come v a case, for this reason purchasing a decent gig-bag or hard case will should be factored right into your etc buying budget. Uncover outmore around choosing a etc case.

Final thoughts – the Epiphone Ltd edition 1966 g400 agree is the ideal guitar for the price if you’re in search of a versatile rock guitar

This is a really an excellent and affordable SG guitar so you may well be asking what the record is. To be honest, there isn’t one. This is on the whole a good quality etc at a really reasonable price. V the full suite of controls and superb pickups, you get the full spectrum of tones and sounds because that a huge selection of music styles. You also get vintage looks and style, yet without the high vintage price tag.

What’s more, although there does show up to be some variability in build quality, if you acquire the appropriate one, you’ll have actually a supervisor well-made guitar that have to last friend a lifetime. A great, budget, solid guitar.

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If you’re looking for an great humbucker with looks come kill, thenthis oneis fine worth her hard-earned cash. You gain that remarkable Gibson to feel and style, looking and also sounding like your musical heroes but with Epiphone’s worth for money.