1 : to do (something) clean or simple to know I require a lawyer come explain this contract come me. The professor explained the poem to the class. See much more ExamplesShe explained how the device worked. Ns explained come them that I would certainly be obtainable by phone.Hide

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2 : to tell, show, or be the factor for or cause of miscellaneous Scientists might not explain the strange lamp in the sky. Ns don"t know just how to explain the dog"s strange behavior. See much more Examples"I should rest," i explained to them. = i explained come them the I required to rest. Us asked him to explain his reasons to us. Have the right to you explain why no one was notified earlier? Well, the explains it! the explains why we we"re so much behind schedule. Offer me a possibility to explain.Hide

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explainable ik-​ˈsplā-​nə-​bəl


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explain, expound, explicate, elucidate, translate mean to do something clean or understandable. Explain implies a making level or easy to understand what is no immediately obvious or completely known. explain the rule expound suggests a cautious often intricate explanation. expounding a clinical theory explicate add to the idea of a arisen or detailed analysis. explicate a city elucidate emphasize the throwing of light upon as by giving details or motives previously unclear or only implicit. elucidate an obscure i interpret adds to describe the require for imagination or sympathy or special understanding in managing something. interpreting a work of art

I need a lawyer to explain this contract to me. The professor explained the city to the class. She explained just how the device worked. i explained to them that I would be available by phone. Scientists can not explain the strange lights in the sky. ns don"t know just how to explain the dog"s strange behavior. us asked him to explain his factors to us. have the right to you explain why nobody was educated earlier? that explains why us were so much behind schedule. offer me a possibility to explain.
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Recent examples on the internet Wilde went on to explain how her connection with her breasts adjusted after becoming a mom. — Leah Groth, Health.com, 15 Oct. 2021 There"s no way to explain this various other than to imply that trump is indulging in his biggest act the self-sabotage yet. — Michael D"antonio, CNN, 15 Oct. 2021 No letters have been sent to lock by the IRS to explain what"s walk on here. — Susan Tompor, Detroit complimentary Press, 15 Oct. 2021 she inclusion, Clint and also Lisa explain, became possible after Lily determined to take a void year throughout her music studies at Nashville"s Belmont University. — Nancy Kruh, PEOPLE.com, 14 Oct. 2021 Charging methodology is one thing dealers need to be able to explain, but there are many other features, indigenous finding charging stations come claiming taxation incentives because that EV purchases. — man Voelcker, Car and Driver, 14 Oct. 2021 So utilizing axions come explain the excess is problematic. — Elizabeth Fernandez, Forbes, 14 Oct. 2021 In the documentary, key executives of four Seasons total Landscaping, including owner Marie Siravo and also director the sales Sean Middleton, attempt to explain the events leading approximately the awkward fiasco because that the trump card campaign. — Rebecca Rubin, Variety, 14 Oct. 2021 Kline was about to do a movement to dissolve the committee that council and also replace it together a ar interest group when Duber stopped him come explain his rationale for retaining the committee. — cleveland, 14 Oct. 2021

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middle English explanen, from Latin explanare, literally, to do level, native ex- + planus level, level — more at floor