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- advent -

The generation of slot 1 carts dominated over the slot 2 sector late 2006. It appeared to be the logical step, to rid ourselves of clunky slot 2 solutions, and also use the smaller, sleeker, slot 1 carts. However, the was doing not have one major function, GBA playback.

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Despite gift “last generation”, there space still many classics on the GBA that space well precious playing. From the classic Pokemon collection to the much more recent Summon Night games, it seems that come this day, the GBA still has some the the greatest games known come handheld gamers. But slot 1 carts can not play them.

What is EZ Team’s systems to this? castle pair up their slot 1 cart v a slot 2 growth pack that gives not only GBA support, but RAM and also rumble. The EZ flash 3-in-1 growth Pack features 4MB the PSRAM, 32MB of NOR and 2Mbit of SRAM. It likewise features a battery to organize saves, and also a motor that rumbles.

During the early release, the EZ flash 3-in-1 expansion Pack was limited to EZ flash V customers only. It provided a great boost to EZ speed V sales together the growth pack costs practically nothing in a bundle.

However, through the relax of standalone EZ flash 3-in-1 expansion Packs because that older EZ speed V users that hadn’t had the opportunity to purchase one, users of other slot 1 carts want in. Thankfully, patches were made through cory1492, BigBoss and anonYmous. These patches are still work-related in progress, however, that is well on its way. In ~ this point, the patches allow full assistance for internet browser, GBA functions, and also even rumble.

- design -

My review cart the the EZ flash 3 in 1 to be shipped in a standard EZ speed V box v a sticker labeling “Bundle Edition”. Package for the EZ flash V resides up come the various other EZ speed products, the is simple, the is clean, and also overall, actual sturdy. However, I have been notified by my sponsor, ModMyDS.com that the new batches the EZ flash 3-in-1 expansion Packs that they had been receiving were coming with brand-new packaging, i m sorry they have taken photos of.

Here is the packaging ns received.

and the nicer packaging that ModMyDS.com is receiving.

When opened, the packaging had a quite tray stop the EZ speed 3-in-1 expansion Pack. Impatiently, ns popped the out and held the in my hand. It had a an extremely nice feeling to it, and also it was quite hefty contrasted to the DS Lite dust cover. Ns recieved the black EZ flash 3-in-1 growth Pack, but a white cart and a GBA size cart as well. I didn"t have actually a possibility to view the white one or the GBA cart, but the black color cart is that high quality. It slide in and also out rather smoothly, however, that is quiet no match contrasted with the DS Lite dust cover.

When inserted into the DS Lite, you will probably notification one thing, the EZ speed 3-in-1 growth Pack go not have actually a glossy front. Unlike the ahead lite-sized EZ flash products, the EZ flash 3-in-1 development Pack walk not have a glossy layer to match the DS Lite. It didn’t matter to me, it looked rather sleek, and either way, it would certainly not have actually matched my Polar White DS Lite. It would certainly look rather sleek top top a black DS Lite. The second thing girlfriend may an alert is the truth that it sticks out. If you look v your eyes, you would certainly not notification how small it sticks out, however, if friend brush her finger with the slot 2, girlfriend will an alert a slight bump. It is virtually perfectly flush, yet it walk stick out by practically nothing. I have the right to only imagine the other situations being the same quality.

- software application -

The EZ speed 3-in-1 expansion Pack provides the EZ speed IV patcher for all GBA roms. In general, GBA roms need to be patched, homebrew doesn’t.

The EZ flash IV patcher is pretty simple to use, and also is rather standard. You operation the GBA rom through, and then you drag the file into her MicroSD to be put into your EZ speed 3-in-1 development Pack. Personally, i don’t like the software. It is simple to use, and runs reasonably fast. However, I have actually had much more than my same share of freezes utilizing this program, and also it gets on my nerve.

- usage -

The EZ flash 3-in-1 expansion Pack has three different features, which are differently implemented relying on the cart you space using.

For the most part, ns was looking forward to the GBA use of the EZ flash 3-in-1 development Pack the most. The works great with the EZ flash V and any various other slot 1 cart. An initial you have to patch her GBA games through the EZ speed IV client, then you have the right to write the rom ~ above the EZ flash 3-in-1 expansion Pack. Because that EZ flash V, you space able to compose the rom and backup the saves straight from the loader. However, v a DLDI sustained cart, you have to use BigBoss’s patcher. It is relatively simple, and also both work-related well, however, it does take around 30 secs to create the rom. When you have written the rom, the EZ speed 3-in-1 expansion Pack acts together a conventional GBA game, you have actually to select it native the menu.

One that my favorite GBA games, Summon Night Swordcraft Story.

You choose the GBA video game on the DS menu, which can be problem for part carts.

The RAM function of the EZ flash 3-in-1 growth Pack is reasonably straightforward. Over there is nothing come comment about it. V the EZ flash V, you simply drag a clean Opera Web browser rom into the MicroSD and you space set. For an additional slot one, you have to use cory1492’s patch with the Opera net Browser before it is compatible. Various other than that, there is nothing much to say, that works, and it is the exact same speed together a common RAM cart.

It runs stillproud.org just fine!

The final function of the EZ speed 3-in-1 expansion Pack is rumble. Only a brief while ago, the rumble function was only totally utilized by the EZ flash V users, however, currently thanks come several brand-new third party programs, slot 1 carts space able to utilize the rumble feature. The rumble patcher permits all slot 1 carts to usage the rumble setting, and it supports games that don"t officially assistance rumble. However, that isn"t perfect, and also has glitches throughout. The EZ flash 3 in 1 Tool enables R4DS and DSLink users to enjoy rumble assistance for official rumble games. That works quite well.

The vibration is set in the setups panel, which deserve to be accessed by pushing L + R.

Rumble is rather awesome!

- functionality -

As intended from the EZ speed team, compatibility is perfect. In regards to GBA games, over there is no beating the EZ speed team. This dare runs everything. Just exceptions room the couple of games that need special hardware such together the real-time clock, which have the right to still it is in patched come play the game. I have actually no problem saying that GBA games and also homebrew run virtually 100% for this cart, which shouldn’t be too surprising.

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What else have the right to I say around the functionality of the cart? If friend talk around the Opera net Browser, the is absolutely working. As lengthy as you patch the internet browser, you can run the with any type of slot 1 cart. Rumble is quite good, a patcher permits non-rumble and rumble games to rumble (even though it doesn"t work properly sometimes) for all slot 1 carts, and also the EZ speed 3 in 1 tool enables R4DS and DSLink customers to enjoy complete support that rumble.

- Conclusion -

The EZ flash 3-in-1 development Pack is a cheap and effective method to operation GBA games and also GBA homebrew. As a bonus, it likewise runs Opera web Browser, and rumble in part cases. The EZ flash 3-in-1 expansion Pack has actually proven itself to run everything it cases to perfect on all slot 1 carts throughout the board. It operation the web browser, it rumbles through games, and also it dram GBA perfectly. There is nothing much more you can ask for.

Despite looking totally different, both run almost the same, and also work perfect.

In regards to aesthetics, the EZ flash 3-in-1 growth Pack will look good on your black color DS Lite. On a white DS Lite, it still looks fairly sleek, however, the is black. The EZ speed 3-in-1 expansion Pack additionally feels sturdy and fits in good inside a DS Lite. Currently, lock are currently producing brand-new EZ speed 3-in-1 expansion Packs the fit the larger DS, a full sized GBA one. It will fit in GBA solution as well.

Looks an excellent on the DS Lite!

Overall, the EZ flash 3-in-1 growth Pack is a cheap alternate for slot 1 cart users, coming in at about $23 come buy alone, and a only $10 in a bundle pack. It is definitely well precious the money if you want to play the occasional GBA game or operation Dipstar. I have had lots of fun playing part old standards again on my DS Lite there is no a vast cart sticking out. All the shop seem to have the precise same prices, our sponsor has them for sale at a cheap price. The EZ flash 3-in-1 is a good buy, and the homebrew developers functioning on do this cart far better keep dishing out new things.

- Score -

Design – 5/5 software application – 4/5 use – 3/5 functionality – 18/20 Tilt – 5/5