The customer company is always awesome! Theyre always so friendly, also as very respectful, polite, and helpful. This location is the best!

Awesome staff, an extremely friendly. Always able to help me get a same deal. And also if I require cash until payday, they to be willing to offer me a tiny loan on my computer. In your ar owned!!!!!!

I always do company here they room friendly fast and knowledgeable. Juan is really helpful and constantly gives us an excellent deals. Thanks males keep up the good work !!!

I drive from Aurora to business city just since I know these guys will take care of mine stuff and give a an excellent deal that ns need. Shopped here for 5 year wont profession up

Juan José was an extremely helpful, the team in ~ EZ Pawn is great. I evaluate all her help! girlfriend were very understanding and patient with me!!!! Again thank you for everything!!

Always do business here juan and also elvis are always fast fair and helpful. Will continue to do organization here for years come come.

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Juan was very helpful and also knowledgeable about the items your acquiring your loans on you don’t feel cheated

I politely decreased to salary $500 because that a provided tablet, since I can get it new online for as much. Manager claimed oh well ns dont shop online, so ns walked away. Ns guess ns not allowed to shop around for far better prices huh?

I was in a poor spot and also needed part money and also they didnt do it any worse since they provided me a fair transaction all the method around and also Ill absolutely be coming earlier here

If I might give no stars i would!This place usually is an excellent which is why I’ve constantly came back, yet lately it’s being ran quite badly. I occupational a lot and often times can’t be over there in the am. Sad come say multiple time I present up 30-15 minutes prior to they close and also they currently closed up! Not an excellent for business!!I’ll be gaining my items out and also never returning.Also bought am amp indigenous them and also it doesn’t workBad all roughly

Been below before and swore us wouldnt it is in back! today we gave them another chance and went earlier and it was a an excellent experience! The new manager was friendly and also professional.

Very uncomfortable with new manager Carlos. If his employees tell friend a price on a loan he have to at least honor it. I have been coming to this ezpawn for many years and have excellent credit v them but after this occurrence I will be gaining all my loans the end asap and also will no be returning to do service at this location. Ns dont introduce going here. Youre much better off going come jumping jack on hwy 2

The manager here was awesome, he functioned down price for us where the could and also honoured ours warranty as soon as he didnt precisely have to. Every the employee was polite and willing come have an excellent conversation around what we needed and our situation. Ns definitely plan to come earlier here for anything i need before offering my service to any other pawn shop.

Very trusted employees. Far better then the one ~ above 85th and also pecos . Constantly willing come help, and they eliminated their trouble which to be the old manager Carlos. I always recommend this ezpawn out of others. Store up the good work guys.

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Rip turn off place, perform not purchase gaming systems. This day i had actually to return a device i purchase june 22, 6 days ago and the device from day one malfunctioned and would end heat and power off issue that dates back to march in the error history. As result of scheduling issues(work) i couldnt return that sooner. This day upon return i was told just in 24hr refund/storecredit, ns then called the CS rep that ns was told that however i was told the for mine cash refund 24hrs and also ten days because that in keep credit n of course i wanted a functioning ps4. He denied the refund, denied he said me that and then i offered them castle ps4 <50$ripoff i paid(180)> without telling them the really issue yet i didnt desire the next person to recieve what i got so i did permit them understand after the sale the it overheats and shutsdown for this reason if they sell it again which ns dont doubt thats a great example of business for your service ezpawn. Ns dont doubt lock knew that as soon as they offered it come me.... Castle hussled me....smdh never ever had any kind of bad endure at other pawnshop purchase or selling....

Depends ~ above the human being working over there but great location and great selection that items ns say counts on human being working is that they have some rude employees that have actually been work there but all in every a great store!!