This is some of the photoshop & sources I like, i blog it right here for mine own personal reference but you"re welcome come it.

I article tutorials and resource links that ns find valuable & reblog random articles that accumulate me.Most the the psds, texures ect room my favourites or brand-new ones I prefer the look at of.~ Collecting shit because 2012 ~ UPDATE: i wish ns had uncovered "PHLEARN" once I started PS years ago , ns cry now from the battles I have been through.... Bless you Aaron Nace!#practicemakesperfectmotherfucker
Favourite Links

HTML color picker

Phlearn tutorial videos
youtube channel

Hi-res galleries

Resources & textures


choose a font

Galleries master post

Vikings resources understand post

GoT Resources page

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Falling points + etc Masterpost through dontbrag​

Please respect the truth that i spent about 3hrs going through Japanese“Blog Part” websites (they can be found here and here).

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All of these just require place a script listed below the tag. ~ above the web page you open up you will have the ability to preview the script and also there will certainly be accuse on installing.

Please like or reblog if you find useful and also redirect civilization here if castle ask wherein you got them from.

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Fruit / Food

Leaves / Flowers

Sparkles / Stars


Bugs / Insects



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