Monster Mash: 17 that Fiction's biggest Monster Hunters Vampires, zombies, witches, and demons are all just part of the task for these guys. Examine out the master of monster hunting.

In a civilization full of superheroes, warriors in armor, and also magicians qualified of mystifying things, it just makes sense for over there to be soldier of monsters and also maniacs for them to put themselves increase against. Few of the greatest problems in fiction space those against supernatural entities. After ~ all, without a monster or two it"s fixed a quest, right? that doesn"t choose seeing their favorite hero(es) go up against a slew of vampires, demons, zombies, or otherworldly horrors? Unfortunately, the likes the Batman, silver Surfer, and also the Guardians that the Galaxy can"t deal with the undead hordes and creatures the the night on the regular. Luckily for us, we have quite a couple of amazing characters with the indigenous "monster hunter" right in their resumes.

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Where many protagonists and heroes deal with gangsters, aliens, and supervillains bent on civilization domination, we have those select few who venture forth against the armies of darkness practically every day. These splendid monster hunters keep the civilization safe from the supernatural creatures that can want come make united state their lunch. Over there are lots of personalities that spend their adventures acquisition on the supernatural, however today we"ve compiled a list of few of the best in the business. These personalities are more than qualified to take it on the monsters they face, and also we cannot get sufficient of their adventures. Far better bring her crossbows, her stakes, and your divine water, due to the fact that we"re walking on a monster hunting with some of the biggest claims to the title. These space our peak sixteen monster hunters.

while it"s true the the monsters seen by Scooby-Doo, and the remainder of an enig Inc. Are rarely true threats, they"re perhaps one of the most iconic teams in the field. They"re easily one of the oldest players in the game. How countless times has actually the corridor loaded increase in the Mystery device to unmask whatever phantom might be prowling?

The risks they face may no be conventional monsters, but secret Inc. Has gone up versus the real deal much more than once. From the ghouls on Zombie Island to a witch"s ghost, they"ve unable to do through much more than your fair re-superstructure of creeps and creatures. They can just it is in a fill of meddling kids, however they know just how to hold their own once it involves monsters.

Ghostbusters Movie
If there"s something weird in her neighborhood, you"re absolutely gonna want to call these guys. Peter, Ray, Egon, and also Winston space not only equipped to the this to hit paranormal and also supernatural phenomenon, however they"re likewise highly educated in your fields. With the assist of their proton packs and gadgets, they"re all set to defend brand-new York indigenous swarms that the undead.

Small situations like Slimer and the evil librarian room as common as lock come for this team the ecto-exterminators. But that doesn"t median they aren"t ready to take it on the likes that Gozer the Gozerian, Vigo the Carpathian, or Mr. Remain Puff. No issue what specter might sneak increase on them, the guys have actually a beam and also a crate for simply the occasion.

through a name as an easy as "Doomguy" you"d think he"d it is in a little less prepared to take it on the hordes the Hell. You"d also be what us in the service like to call "wrong." This suped-up space-marine is the godfather of the FPS genre, packing an arsenal of deadly weapons and also dishing out lead to whatever beast crawls with the portal.

In space, no one deserve to hear your chainsaw. Pack a spacesuit, pistols, rifles, shotgun, and also loads the bullets, Doomguy is below to kick some tail and take names as he rips, tears, and blasts his way through Hellspawn. The "90s standard got a juicy reboot in 2016, proving the demon searching is simply an task that gets much better with age.


The main protagonist that Rooster Teeth"s RWBY, Ruby Rose might be cute and also bubbly, however with that Sniper Scythe, she means business. The heroes of the anime-inspired series go up against monsters dubbed "Creatures of the Grimm," leading to some fierce and also beautiful fight sequences between the hunters/huntresses and the creatures that the night. The battles alone make the show worthy the a binge watch.

The monsters, the huge weapons, the assimilated motifs every come with each other beautifully to provide the present its own distinct flavor. Ruby is among those personalities you can"t assist but source for. Cute and also deadly, us can"t leave her off the list.

Eric Brooks/Blade is easily one the the coolest personalities on our list. This half-vampire hero slashes his way through the undead through a smooth and sleek format all his own. Through his shades, trenchcoat, and a samurai sword, he makes slaying look at good.

Of course, being fifty percent vampire has actually its benefits when follow the worst the bloodsuckers. Tongue possesses many superhuman abilities as well as an arsenal that anti-vamp weapons to do the task right. Some may consider this male of Marvel a little bit overpowered for taking on vampires and also the undead, yet when her job has taking top top Dracula reincarnated, it helps to it is in prepared.


This working-class occult detective pits his magic and also wits versus the forces of Hell in DC"s Hellblazer series. Dabbling in occult to work comes through a few strings attached to this ambitious antihero. While being able to cast spells and also see demons do have their perks, the abilities additionally come with a hefty risk to Constantine"s immortal soul.

When he"s not jamming out with his band, chain-smoking, or hanging out v the members of Justice organization Dark, Constantine performs exorcisms, banishes malevolent spirits, and goes toe to hoof through some pretty gross demons. If he"s no tangling with the likes of physician Destiny and also Astaroth, he"s duking the out through the adversary himself. No the many heroic on ours list, yet one us can"t walk without.

Dante is what happens once you take john Constantine and mix him through a small anime flair. The son of an angel and a demon, Dante inherits abilities indigenous both sides of the family as he takes ~ above demonic pressures wanting come tear the civilization apart. V his sword, pistols, and also sweet motorcycle, he"s prepared to rip, roar, and also ride his means to victory.

With a series of games as top as Devil may Cry, it helps to be great at her job. Dante has been hacking and slashing increase demons through monstrous combos because 2001, and now has actually the 5th game in the works. That looks favor we"re not gonna be running out of demon slaying funny anytime soon.


We know what you"re thinking, what go Kratos have actually in common with the rest of the members on our list? when he"s known as the God-Killer, think around how numerous different monster"s Kratos has gone up versus on his path to revenge. He"s impaled the Hydra, sliced increase Cerberus, and also ripped who knows how plenty of gorgons asunder. Kratos has actually no mercy for monsters.

What Playstation pan hasn"t delighted in ripping and tearing their means through hordes of monster from Greek mythology? Kratos sure doesn"t seem to let them obtain in the way, and also we love him for it. Though it"s no something on the height of his list, we can"t deny his prowess as a biology slayer.

occasionally you require a hero, occasionally you need a professional. V a reputation prefer that, it"s no wonder Geralt is one of the finest in the service when it involves monster hunters. The title character the the Witcher game series, Geralt is much more than prepared as soon as it involves dealing with creeps and creatures.

As a Witcher, Geralt"s main mission in life is to rid the kingdom of monsters and also witches. As funny as the sounds, it"s not all black and also white because that the silver-maned slayer. The collection is well known for its sense of storytelling and also the selections Geralt makes on his pursuit will influence the outcome. It all comes down to knowing when to slay and also when to spare.


the course, we can"t leave this list without part monster on monster action. As stated in the film, there space things the go bump in the night, Hellboy and also his crew are the things that bang back. Brought to life by the talented Ron Perlman, Hellboy is locked and loaded to take it on any number of Del Toro"s splendid monsters.

With his demonic strength, guns, and also gauntlet, Hellboy is ready for practically anything the world of the paranormal have the right to dish out. Based on the comic by Mike Mignola and brought come life by guillermo Del Toro, this big red monster masher has more than a pan following. He"s no your usual superhero, however one any variety of creature-feature freaks can acquire behind.

till now, we"ve only addressed characters interested in searching monsters, however now we have actually an individual who devotes his life to researching them. Newt Scamander from Fantastic Beasts and also Where To discover Them is brand-new to the monster searching gig, however certainly no unwelcome. Newt"s mission is come rescue and research various monsters of J.K. Rowling"s Wizarding World.

It"s update to see an attitude towards monsters prefer Newt"s. Instead of delivering stakes, holy water, and also automatic weapons, he packs a wand and a miracle suitcase for field research. He is not only fascinated by monsters but loves them through all his heart. It"s pretty to watch a personality who deserve to love points many think about unlovable.


Cassie Hack is absolutely one the the more interesting characters on our list. Everyone"s familiar with the final Girl in slasher movies, the one victim that always survives. Well, Cassie is by no way the victim. The titular character of the Hack/Slash series, Cassie"s mission in life is to rid the world of vengeful spirits known as Slashers. Equipped with a baseball bat and also her stealing nerve, Cassie would give Freddy nightmares.

Assisted by she gentle giant friend, Vlad, Cassie goes issue to issue defeating evil spirits and entities the terrorize the living. This bat-brandishing bombshell is fierce and also fearless, also putting slashers favor Victor Crowley, Herbert West, and Chucky in your place. Gritty and just gory enough, Hack/Slash is a horror fan"s dream.

The grandfather of every monster hunters, physician Abraham valve Helsing is one of the most famed names in the hall of horror. The an excellent doctor has actually been maintaining Dracula at bay because his debut in Bram Stoker"s original novel in 1897. Equipped with crosses, stakes, and holy water, van Helsing has actually been the design for nearly every succeeding monster hunter since.

With a career lasting over a century, van Helsing has showed up in various develops of media. With virtually as many adaptations together his vampiric adversary, he"s been carried to life by the likes of Edward van Sloan, Peter Cushing, Anthony Hopkins, Mel Brooks, and Hugh Jackman. As soon as it concerns monsters, van Helsing is the founding father.


well-known to many audiences together Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy Summers is just your typical teenage girl that fights the undead ~ above a continual basis. Okay, so she"s no that typical... However she definitely made a name for herself amongst horror heroines in Joss Whedon"s renowned TV series. Reluctant in ~ first, however soon she embraces she destiny and also wears she Slayer name through pride.

Buffy and also her girlfriend square off versus vampires, demons, witches and also just around every various other fiend we can think of. V the brilliant writing of Whedon backing up the phenomenal cast, the display still stop up today as a monster-filled thrill ride. Buffy quiet remains one of the most iconic heroes in the worlds of horror and fiction.

things take a groovy revolve for our next challenger as we add Ash Williams of the Evil Dead franchise to our list. Armed with his chainsaw and boom-stick, Ash is one dude that won"t allow Lovecraftian Horrors put him in a corner. Through his swagger, smile, and one-liners, that proves fighting the pressures of angry doesn"t have to be so serious.

Zombies and also demons and also Deadites, five my! Ash absolutely can food out part pain to these undead hoards, nevertheless of even if it is he might or may not have actually unleashed them. Indigenous a house complete of demonic reality to an military of darkness, he"ll send them pack one by one, most most likely with a shotgun shell.


possibly the most famous vampire slayer in video clip game history, Simon Belmont has been cracking the whip on monsters and also madmen due to the fact that the early days the the NES. Along with Richter and also Trevor, Simon and also his clan have been squaring off through Dracula because that centuries v no indicators of letting the mr of vampires turn off easy. With enough weapons and powerups to leave Van Helsing speechless, he"s more than prepared.

Right native the first screen, Simon go up against zombies, skeletons, hellhounds, and also flying medusa heads every on level one. It"s fairly a high order because that a normal hunter, however not for a Belmont. With his trusty whip, daggers, crosses, and holy water, Simon is ready to take it on everything horrors await in Dracula"s castle.

over there is no name more hated and feared in the kingdom of monsters 보다 Winchester, particularly Sam and Dean. The awesome twosome from Supernatural, the Winchesters have been battling pressures both divine and infernal because that fourteen fearsome seasons. Sam and Dean don"t border themselves to demons and also zombies alone, yet every mythological entity under the sun.

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From djinn and fairies to wraiths and werewolves, the Winchesters definitely pack some power as soon as they go on a hunt. They"ve confronted anything and also everything there is, and also have constantly come out on top. Whether by luck, skill, or brotherly love, they store coming ago for one an ext ride.