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ArtistVarious artist Peaceville Records
20 September 2004
3.77 / 5.00.5 indigenous 139 ratings
#192 because that 2004

LiquidFox Jun 12 2019 3.00 stars
The seminal arsenal of black color metal's overtly-Satanic, thrash-imbued, authentic and bizarre roots. If anyone deserve to put together a ideal list the songs because that such a cause, it's Fenriz - the unofficial Champion the the Underground who sole an ideas for doing what the does is his unrelenting enthusiasm for extreme music. If you've to be a fan of black steel for end ten years, girlfriend will currently know all of these song (some, even by love maybe) - if you're a newbie and also you think Emperor is the hardest, meanest Black metal ever available then you stand to learn a thing or two from this compilation. Long prior to melody or folk discovered their ways right into the mix, black metal was a purely primal point - as Fenriz states it himself, you cannot specify black steel you deserve to only "Feel It" deep down in her bones. Looking earlier at these songs now, two decades after their creation, one can see just how its creators were specialized to make something arcane. They created these song to carry themselves closer to the caves, loincloths, and long-ships of your ancestors... Every while soaking it in the blood that angels and also cries of newborn children. I still great there can have been room for bands like Kreator, Master's Hammer, and also Beherit - all of whom i think caught the same essence of black steel with their early on work; and Possessed, if only Larry LaLonde would protect against denying his cross-inverting at an early stage days in the business. Nevertheless this is an incredibly crucial compilation - as an educational device for newcomer (as Fenriz draft it) and also a rip-ride slay fest for older fans who thrived up with these songs and also will never ever tire of hearing them. The consist of of "Freezing Moon" through Dead top top vocals is phenomenal (not acquisition anything away from Attila yet we've currently heard his variation of the song plenty of times and he's currently on this comp. Through the Tormentor monitor anyways...) and also his selections for Sodom, Destruction, and also Venom are very closely selected to stop the usual crowd-pleasers (if together a ide as group pleasing really uses to this genre...).Also, bonus points because that the killer cover picture - renders you want to obtain behind a kit and also smash some cymbals doesn't it?
ImSoGreen Oct 30 2012 4.00 stars
A strong compilation.Not exclusively black steel for my taste, but likewise a little thrashy in parts. But a very an excellent selection the songs, anyway.
OttoErickson Oct 26 2011 5.00 stars
ns love this! Darkthrone's Fenriz offers a prime sample that satan metal. Too negative he couldn't obtain the legal rights to encompass Possessed.
much to it is in learned from this one because that the black-metal newbie, and a great listen for also the most specialized fan, Darkthrone's erstwhile drummer picking some of his favorite blackened gems... Every one of these room classics, in some respects, a few of them forget to all yet diehards (Bulldozer, Tormentor, Blasphemy) and many rightly hailed as the technologies they were (Frost, Fate, Sodom, Sarcofago)... Some interesting selections in Nattefrost and also Aura Noir, back both revolve in good performances... Every band right here deserves to be here, and also there's plenty much more that aren't that probably should be, so I'm looking front to Vol. 2, have to it ever before come about...

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