Loop 1 has a decreasing flux out of the page and so will certainly induce a counterclockwise currentto try and comprise for that.

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Loops 4 and also 5 have actually increasing emf out of the page.


Five loops are formed of copper cable of the same gauge (cross-sectional area). Loops 1-4 room identical; Loop 5 has actually the same height as others yet is longer. In ~ the immediate shown, all the loops are relocating at the exact same speed in the directions indicated.

There is a uniform magnetic ar pointing out of the page in an ar I; in region II there is no magnetic field. Ignore any type of interactions between the loops.


A) For any type of loop that has an induced current, show the direction the the current.

B) location the magnitude of the emfs about the loops. Explain your reasoning.

C) rank the magnitudes of the currents in the loops. Describe your reasoning.

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