After a cable of lackluster installments, Big skies Season 2 illustration 4 was a breath of new air. There was intrigue, forward progress, and also an ending that sets increase some great potential moving forward.

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This was by much the best episode that the season hence far, even with the Wolf and also Ronald scenes, which space still irritating at best.


They transaction with really serious topic matter, but it"s still a campy drama at heart, v a sprawling cast. Castle do best when every the assorted storylines room cohesive and fascinating, which occurred here.

Cassie and also Jenny working together and also continuing the find for Tonya, along with the Harvey and also Bridger stuff, and also even the kind of random Jerrie and Mark trek out into the mountains operated here. It was an hour entertaining enough that you could ignore the arrival of a new bad guy, that pops up together some new threat out of the blue.

If Dietrich "runs things," climate why carry out we understand not a thing about him? He seems scary sufficient that Travis is a least a tiny put turn off by him when they meet, and he thinks nothing that hitting ago at Ren once she mirrors up with her demands.

They really store harping on Ren gift this out-of-towner who"s coming in to stir increase trouble and also how the people of Montana don"t take kindly to that. However it"s pretty damn evident that Ren doesn"t care about any the that.


It appears pretty clear the males she"s been taking care of underestimate her, as, within secs of meeting her, they are ready to talk about her father, together if she"s no the one sit or standing across from them.

I"m not sure whether she feels like she has actually something to prove, yet underestimating her has actually surely gotten many civilization in a many trouble.

The arrangement to blame every little thing on Harvey is pretty genius once you think around it. She doesn"t recognize that Jenny and also Cassie are already suspicious the him, but it all just works in her favor. They are fast to believe Tonya"s story without lot pushback, yet I"m not sure what Ren death him now accomplishes.

Well, ns guess she kind of has actually to since once he"s confronted, he"d have actually no factor to protect the cartel anymore. Yet killing him just sets off a organize of much more questions, doesn"t it? and it would be in Ren"s best interests to have actually fewer concerns right now rather of more.

Of course, Ren"s setup didn"t incorporate four adolescents at this isolated cabin, and Jenny and Cassie top there together well.


Bridger go the finest that he could for as long as that could, but was the wrong that me come think that was type of messed increase he provided up his sister? The girls came up with a arrangement because while their choices are much from safe and also well-thought-out, they space at the very least proactive.

They"d quite make a move forward than sit and also let something take place to them.

There was around zero method they would be able to outsmart Harvey, yet now they have actually a fighting opportunity with Ren close up door in and also Donno ambushing Jenny and also Cassie. There"s walking to be an awful many commotion outside, and also it might be the perfect time because that the girls to acquire in and get Bridger out.

But what happens next? This is where it"s all beginning to get an extremely intriguing.

Harvey is walk to understand he"s been set up, if Cassie and Jenny (who will survive that an equipment gunfire because DUH) will continue to placed the piece together about the cartel, particularly if Travis allows Jenny in on what"s going on.


And then there room the 4 teens together well. And if they"re able to do it out of that cabin unscathed, what"s their next relocate going come be? will they scoop the drugs earlier up and try to broker some kind of deal?

That sounds like a horrible idea, yet that"s kind of the name of the video game on big Sky.

Elsewhere, note was back, and also he and Jerrie went on a small adventure. The adventure didn"t end in lock finding Ronald, but it offered as an additional opportunity to spend some time together and bond further.

Mark and Jerrie have actually an adorable relationship, and also you have the right to tell exactly how comfortable Jerrie feels about him. She lets her security down with him, and he has a great way that relating through her, and nothing feels forced with them. Lock have really natural chemistry when they"re on-screen.

And this would certainly all be well and an excellent if the display hadn"t been setting up Mark and also Cassie native the an initial moments note showed up.


Perhaps the kiss will move note away from his feelings for Cassie and closer come Jerrie, but it feels choose it will come just as Cassie is ready to let she guard down and give note a chance, which will certainly lead us right into the unnecessary territory of the dreaded love triangle.

Love triangles are a staple in television and movies. When I acquire that they"re drastically pleasing and also cause tension, go anyone actually enjoy them, especially in a scenario choose this between three work colleagues, that all respect one another?

Someone will end up obtaining hurt, or perhaps they every will, and also that"s no fun. Jerrie deserves happiness, together does Cassie. But if this without doubt turns right into a scenario where Mark needs to "choose," someone will lose.

I deserve to see the vision because that Cassie and Mark because the show has to be making me see it for a when now. Yet there is also a Jerrie and Mark vision, and also at this point, we deserve to only expect the display will choose one and also ride it out without as well much damage done to every the miscellaneous relationships in the process.

Unfortunately, we have to talk about Ronald, that is still doing his Ronald things, except he"s gained a choke collar top top now.

The hardest part about this storyline is trying to figure out that is purpose. Ronald and Scarlet would have actually been annoying on the run, however a much far better fit than this one is for this reason far.

Each time us head to the ranch, we"re just watching four unlikable civilization co-exist, with no real endgame. In ~ least, there isn"t a clean endgame yet.

One needs to imagine that Cassie, Mark, or Jerrie at some point make their way to the ranch, but until the day comes, us just gain these scene of wolf trying to "help" Ronald in his twisted way. However Ronald is past saving, and also Wolf is together delusional together it gets.

He and also Rick room wildly different however still violent guys with superiority complexes at their core.

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Ronald should simply be quiet and also tell Wolf specifically what he desires to hear rather of fighting back, but his fragile little ego won"t enable it. Scarlet has gotten with the memo, and if Ronald got with the program, his opportunities of escape would certainly be substantially improved.