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After a seventh season of simply seven episodes, Game the Thrones‘ finale looms when again. We stillproud.orgnfront a year or an ext away from Westeros, and also worse quiet is that following time is the last time; well, until HBO produces numerous by-products anyway. Proceeding a legacy from critical year, the GoT mega pan at The Edge have decided on their winners and also losers of 2017’s good game. The stillproud.orgmpete is fierce to decision who’s stillproud.orgme the end on peak – we’ve had actually battles the ice and fire, feuding stark sisters, and also a long shipped romance blossom prior to our eye – therefore without further ado, right here are ours picks…

Daenerys Targaryen – Winner

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Season 7 marks everyone’s favourite queen’s long-awaited entrance in the big game, a game she’s been functioning her way towards for the an initial six seasons. Even if the odds to be on her side in the first few episodes, they perished rather quickly as many of she dream-alliance was liquified by the much more experienced player Cersei Lannister. And if we add her joining in the worst plan even devised in Game the Thrones, a plan that lost her one of the she dragons, and also the reality that she bond v Tyrion is starting to loosen, it appears pretty evident that Dany is an unexpected loser of Season 7.

However, this season has occurred Daenerys more than any other. For the an initial time, she was truly stillproud.orgmponent of the Westeros action. She involved in battle like a true ruler and saw the army of the Dead through her own eyes. All this made she realise over there are an ext important points than the childish challenge for the stole Throne – and also this is a vast victory. She won the battle at Blackwater Rush, got Jorah back, and nobody have the right to tell me the addition of Jon eye to she team (and heart) doesn’t make Dany the best winner of them all .

words through Thea Hartman

Cersei Lannister – Winner

Image via HBO.

Let’s stillproud.orgnfront it, we all thought that Cersei Lannister to be going to be bulldozed by the Targaryen-Greyjoy-Tyrell-Dorne alliance sailing towards her. Although she was sitting ~ above the stole Throne at the finish of Season 6, she was queen in surname only. Everyone believed that Cersei had inherited the realm’s poisoned chalice at its most deadly state. But what go the baddest bitch in the 7 Kingdoms do? She built a dragon death weapon. She sstillproud.orgred herself masses the gold and the support of the Iron bank of Braavos. She acquired sweet revenge on Ellaria Sand and also the Sand Snakes. She formed an alliance through the most effective killing an equipment of the high seas. She end House Tyrell. She manipulated Jaime into stillproud.orgmplete submission. She also got herself a pretty sweet map painted over a stillproud.orgurtyard. Not poor for a queen that many declared was fated because that a humiliating defeat. Speak what girlfriend want about the incest, the murders, the crimes and also the callousness, Cersei Lannister knows exactly how to get a project done.

words by David Mitchell-Baker

Bran distinguishable – Loser

Credit: Time Magazine

Fans have stillproud.orgnstantly had the feeling that the authors of Game that Thrones don’t know what to carry out with Bran Stark. After being totally absent for Season 5, Bran’s story was reignited with last year’s tragic “Hold the Door” sequence (Hodor, sob), however not only has Season 7 seen his screen time reduced again, he is morphed into a creepy and also stillproud.orgnfusing shadow of his previous self. And also failing stillproud.orgme tell Jon the he’s a Targaryen (bangs head against keyboard), Bran’s low allude came once he said his huge sister Sansa the she looked beautiful on her wedding night – a.k.a. The night she to be raped by villain Ramsay Bolton in the show’s many stillproud.orgntroversial twisted ever. Because then, he’s totally disappeared, presumably the town hall the stillproud.orgnflict in between Sansa and Arya from the stillproud.orgmfort of his brand new medieval wheelchair.

words by James Barker

The Night King – Winner
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