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OohYeah, yes yeah yeah yeahOh oh, yeah, mhmGuess friend never understand a great thingWhen it's best in your faceYou've to be abused because that so longLove gets tainted and all appears the same, mhmI guess: v it's unbelievableSomeone can love you favor thisWell, time ain't no object and money ain't a thingWhen you have actually someone come ease her painWanna it is in the laugh on your faceBe your stars and your moonI wanna it is in your sunny dayCan i be her favorite tune?I wanna be your breakfast in bed, yeahAnd baby, I'll be her foolMr. As well Damn great To YouYes sir, mhmYes sir, hmmYou've to be hurt so countless timesYou don't understand when love's because that realSo you don't open up (Open up)Or offer in to love (Give in to love)Or express how you feeling (Uh-uh, no)But as with Sunday MorningI'll take it easyGirl, I'm gonna wait'Cause lovin' just ain't appropriate (Just ain't right)Without you by my next (By mine side)Baby, you're my spirit mate
Baby, I'll open up doorsBe there for you any type of time'Cause that's what your man's claimed to doBaby, i wanna chef for youI will certainly spoil youGirl, my whole objective is to you re welcome youI'll operation your bubble bathMake you laughGirl, v thick and thin, I've got your back, yeahI ain't gon be pressin' you or stressin' friend to make loveWe've acquired so lot time because that that, ohI wanna be the smile on her face(Smile on your face)Be her stars and also your moon(Be your stars and also moon, baby)Can ns be your sunny day?(Every day, every day) I'll be your favorite tune(Your favourite tune, yeah)I wanna be her breakfast in bed(Every morning that you wake up up I desire you to see me, baby)And infant I'll be her fool('Cause I'll be her fool)Mr. Also Damn great To(Yes, i will, baby, baby, baby, yeah)

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I wanna be your shoulder once you need one come cry on (Mhm, yeah)I wanna be her pillow once you require one come lie on (Oh yeah)I wanna be the spotlight that shines ~ above ya (Mhm)Girl, I'm gonna create "the girl is mine" on ya (Yes, ns am)I wanna it is in your assumed in your daydreams (Mhm)I wanna be your everything, your everything(Mr. Also Damn great To You)I wanna be whatever you ever before thought you wanted(Mr. Too Damn an excellent To You)Ever needed, baby, yeahGirl, i wanna shout around itYou wanna phone call the world around it(Mr. Also Damn great To You)And can't nobody else think itYou'll have whatever you've needed, yeah, yeah(Mr. As well Damn an excellent To You)I'm gonna it is in so so so good to you, baby, yeah(Mr. Too Damn an excellent To You)I'm gonna carry out things the you never ever thought I would certainly do(Mr. Too Damn an excellent To You)