I think plenty of of us have had an unfavorable associations v the ax “blue hair.” we think of larger women through white hair except their hair look at unintentionally blueish. It has actually an weird blue tint. I always thought the was the results of a details hair dye top top white hair. We frequently speak negatively around all the “blue hairs” in ~ a details event as if to message that anyone in attendance is old. I offered to walk to symphony years back and comment at every the white-blue Q-Tips that inhabited the rows in former of me. A sea that Q-Tips. That made me feel classical music to be on the method out.

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I have actually a brand-new view now on blue hair and also here’s the story why. It needs to progress chronologically; so stay with me here. It’s a long story however worth it i think.

My partner and also I were going to a Cher concert in DC. We wanted a funny night out. Type of a pre-holiday excursion. Understanding it was Cher performing (I had followed her for years including with Bono), i asked my partner if he had actually thoughts on what one wears to a Cher concert. Ns keen this days on using clothing to message.

He said a wig. Maybe he to be kidding yet I thought it to be a perfect idea. Cher uses many wigs. Problem: ns didn’t have a wig and also it to be the night before the event. As well late because that Amazon. So, I collection out to obtain an cheap wig in the DC area; ns didn’t have actually much time. I wanted an uplifting wig. Ns proceeded to a party story close to Reagan airport (after considerable Googling and a phone call call) and also parked underground in ~ a building site (apt offered that my “costume” to be under building and construction so to speak) and set about finding the party store and a wig.

Well, that knew? Party wigs come in different colors and styles, each for about $20. There was red and also orange and navy. There was pink with blue; there was green; there to be bright yellow. And then there to be teal. There space salespeople who offer you advice, because if you open up the package, you very own it. They explain how the wigs look. And you require the right size.

In the very same store, there to be a boa that matched and also bright brand-new Orleans Marti Gras beads in a comparable shape. That took some 15 minute to ponder what was the Cher look ns was after. Teal blue. The was it. The manager said, “You’ll fit right in.”

To be clear and also upfront, I have actually never excellent anything quite favor this before. Ns wear costumes once I read books to children. I also wear the colors of my characters and also often put color wash the end streaks in my hair — green, orange, pink, red. My regular hair is gray; the color streaks present up nicely. Children like it. It’s light hearted. I provided to refer to my scholastic presidential robes together a costume, until civilization said ns was degrading those who respected scholastic tradition. I never ever fit in that robe and also traded the an elaborate one for an practically disposable one at some point but yes, I kept the 4 chevrons.

Back come the story. I dressed up because that the concert. What you see over is just how I looked. The sun glasses were a last minute accessory. And, turn off to the concert we went ~ above the Metro. It to be odd yet in DC, few people appeared to even notice my hair — till we gained to the arena. I guess “odd hair” is part of the step in today’s world, given the hair in the White House. Not certain if the is a wig.

As ns walked into the arena, a guard opened a unique non-crowded door because that me. The personnel in ~ the ticket enntrance gate remarked that ns was “ready for Cher.” Walking to our seats, a man touched mine shoulder together he to walk in the opposite direction and said, “You walk girl. Have actually fun tonight.”

Our seats were high over the stage and there was a good opening act and also we cleared up in. Then after a significant pause, Cher come on phase (onto a beautiful set. Her picture was blown up on an massive side screen. However here is the startling component of she entry. She to be wearing a teal wig. I boy you not. She was wearing a vastly much more expensive and slightly longer version of mine teal wig. I was stunned. Us matched. I had actually no idea. Here’s how she looked (after she took off a equivalent teal blue gown). Yes, because that the record, my clothes did not complement (although ns do have actually some comparable outfits that never ever leave the apartment).



After the an initial song, Cher commented especially on her blue wig. She asked the crowd, “Do You like It? the new.” Applause. Climate she proceeded come one side of the stage and also said in so countless words: “You young females out there: if you have a dream, monitor it. It is in bold.” Then, she walked come the other side of the stage and said in so plenty of words,“You older ladies out there. Wear a blue wig. Currently is your time in life come do whatever you desire to do. That is your moment to be whomever you desire to be.”

Wow. What a message to females of every ages: do what your dreams tell you and also be who you are and experience life. Her blue wig to be the article carrier. Ns was top top a “blue hair high” because that the rest of the show, also as the Cher hair colors adjusted from blue to black color to white to red. The bob style changed too.

The departure from the show and also the trip home on the subway were entirely different in feel from mine entry. Human being saw my wig and said points like and with a smile: “Cher look at alike.” “You need to have acquired the memo.” “Do you know Cher?” “You watch amazing.”

Now, i did have actually a wee wig failure getting ~ above the subway in a crowded auto but people laughed as I changed the wig atop mine head. Proudly I might add. It actually looked much better — a tad fluffier and also a small looser in style.

After we got home, with Cher music play in the background, I began looking online and apparently, over there are countless postings/tweets/articles around her new blue hair and its messaging. She’s ageless, people said. The brilliant blue was a statement wig, defying the blue haired ladies who space “over the top” in regards to age. Cher is over the peak in a various sense but not in terms of age.

Here’s a key point: i wore mine blue teal wig without knowing Cher was going come wear one. Take into consideration the night karma. Or, think about it an event that released the equivalent message that the city from the poem, When i am one old woman, i shall stay purple. I have actually been wearing violet for decades. I acquired my an initial job in a large NYC regulation firm put on purple, miscellaneous the hiring partner remembered a te later. That commented, “who wore purple to a task interview in 1980? No one.”

Now I have actually my teal wig. I will wear it come children’s publication readings. Mine dragon character Dillon is blue. And also the unicorn in mine children’s books is Tapestry, and also I could need a shiny sparkly white/pink wig to represent her.

Blue hair doesn’t median you are old, based upon this Cher experience. It way you are living your life together you want to command it. Ns am 67 years young and also plan to gain the next two decades (while doing great for others), wearing the symbolic blue teal wig, if no the genuine wig itself.

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So, if you see me at a presentation or in a street or in ~ a publication signing or an event and i am wearing a blue teal wig or some various other fashion statement, come over and say hello. I’d welcome meeting you. Blue hair is a an excellent thing.