God of battle 4 Darkness and Fog Trophy Guide

Once you find four Niflheim ciphers, you will able to travel to that Realm. Within the Niflheim Realm, you can undertake three favors native Sindri. The very first two are fairly easy, yet the last one deserve to be challenging. The last favor: Ivaldi’s Curse, involves sealing 3 Realm Tears. These kingdom Tears space within Ivaldi’s Workshop center Chamber, in addition to many chests. Sealing all the kingdom Tears and also looting the facility Chamber unlocks the Darkness and also Fog Trophy.

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Before you can jump right into sealing the kingdom Tears, you’ll require an Entry rock which Sindri have the right to craft utilizing some Mist Echoes. Mist Echoes are uncovered in the chests after defeating enemies in this Misty Realm. This completes Sindri’s very first Favor: Ivaldi’s Workshop. Sindri’s 2nd favor is to retrieve the Rusted imperial Armor alongside a corpse within the facility Chamber. This is an even easier favor. As soon as you are inside the Chamber, you will certainly then watch where the brunt the the effort will come from. The sweetheart chests and realm tears calls for resources. A many them. You’ll need Mist Echoes, and a rare source — Anchor that Fog.


In total, you’ll need about 69,000 Mist Echoes to open every kingdom Tear and also treasure chest. And you’ll require one Anchor the Fog for each kingdom Tear, for a full of three. Mist Echoes are simple to uncover enough, however Anchor of Fog requires much more work. To acquire this epos resource, you’ll should defeat as numerous enemies as you can, and also open as plenty of treasure chests as possible. Anchor that Fog is located in the legendary Chests deep in ~ this trap-filled realm. Yet you can’t merely run previous the traps and also enemies deep into this labyrinth to loot the chests. The truth is, the more enemies defeated and also chests girlfriend open, the far better your chances of gaining the Anchor that Fog.

Sealing the kingdom Tears

There are 3 kingdom Tears in total. To distinguish them, castle all require a different amount that Mist Echoes. Tear 1 requires 10,000. Tear 2 calls for 20,000. And the furthest ago Tear 3 needs 15,000. Let’s begin with Tear 3, because it’s the toughest.

Tear 3 – 15,000 Mist Echoes & 1 Anchor of Fog

This is the toughest kingdom Tear to seal, since of the 3 Revenants. If you room playing top top the Hard challenge like me (Give Me a Challenge), climate you’ll need to easily obliterate castle to stand a chance. 2-3 hits from the adversaries can kill you. You can die an extremely quickly if you decide to use a Runic strike at the not correct time. Over there is one Revenant the you need to emphasis on in ~ the really start. The Revenant Summoner will keep creating Nightmares till you defeat it. Activate Spartan Rage and also have Atreus shoot the to do it appear, then throw a boulder in ~ it. Two direct-hit boulders must kill it. If you don’t have enough for a Spartan Rage, then focus on building it in the various other Realm Tears before this one. Have Atreus shoot down the staying Nightmares. Attacking them could leave you open up to the other Revenants.

Tear 2 – 20,000 Mist Echoes & 1 Anchor that Fog

You’re faced with a spirit Devourer and also two Wulvers. The main enemy is the spirit Devourer; kill it and you seal the realm Tear. If you kill the Wulvers, castle come back at a greater level. Wulvers begin off together level 1 and also go up to level 8. Save them distracted with Atreus. Stunning the heart Devourer is the method to ruin it quickly. You have the right to do this by throwing the axe in ~ it’s center chest as soon as it’s open, or throwing among the orbs the pops out at it. Then stun Grab it and also melee it until it collapses.

Tear 1 – 10,000 Mist Echoes & 1 Anchor the Fog

This is the simplest Realm Tear come complete, so if you need to develop your Spartan Rage, do this one first. It’s simply three Ogres in total. Make sure Atreus has his irradiate Arrows equipped, and Kratos utilizing melee assaults to shock them quicker. Then you can stun grab and ride one Ogre attack the others. ~ you have actually sealed the Tear, don’t forget to collection the rewards in the Tear i m sorry is needed to unlock Darkness and also Fog Trophy.

Treasure Chests

Opening the treasures alone there is no sealing the kingdom Tears won’t unlock the Darkness and also Fog Trophy. You have to defeat all the enemies to collection the rewards in ~ the Tears. Smash every the wooden chests, and open all the neighboring coffins. Finally, the legendary Chests that need Mist Echoes contains many epic gear, including Chilling mists of Niflheim. You deserve to use this at one of two people Brok or Sindri to handmade a Frozen flame resource. This is offered to upgrade the Leviathan Axe to the max. After every treasures space collected, including the treasure by the corpse, the Darkness and also Fog Trophy will unlock. You deserve to now go earlier to Sindri to tell the you completed his favor.

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Check out the Muspelheim Trials overview on tips and also strategies because that the impossible Trials. Completing Trial 6 unlocks the Fire and Brimstone Trophy.