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BTS, Jonas Brothers assistance Behind The document behind-the-record-bts-jonas-brothers-jennifer-hudson-common-more-artists-give-credit
Behind The document 2021: BTS, Jonas Brothers, Jennifer Hudson, common & an ext Artists #GiveCredit to Creators Behind her Favorite documents
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In the third annual Behind The record initiative, the record Academy is providing credit to the creators behind our favorite records and also is educating lawgiver in the process. Now, artist are gaining in top top the activity to #GiveCredit to creators.
Morgan Enos
Oct 15, 2021 - 1:17 pm

Whether you choose up a brand-new album by Olivia Rodrigo, FINNEAS, Coldplay, or any type of other artist today, what you"re holding isn"t simply the product the the artist ~ above the sleeve. In reality, dozens, even hundreds of civilization collaborated in a blur of Google Docs and Zoom phone call to get that music in her hands and also ears — yet they don"t necessarily reap the same applause at the finish of the day.

The record Academy is committed to reversing this paradigm. That"s why we are presenting the 3rd annual Behind The document initiative, a global social media activation aimed in ~ spotlighting the numerous producers, engineers, songwriters, composers, mixers, instrumentalists, and also other creators who contribute to the music recording process. Their initiatives are not shed on artists. 

This year"s initiative also witnessed the launch of Behind the document Advocacy, a brand-new virtual advocacy program, gift by the Recording Academy"s Advocacy department, for Academy members come champion the legal rights of creators behind the record. Released Thursday, Oct. 14, one day prior to the recording Academy’s more comprehensive Behind the record initiative, Behind the document Advocacy invited hundreds of recording Academy members from throughout the country to virtually satisfy with nearly 200 congressional offices to education U.S. Senators and also Representatives on the creators behind their favorite record and also discuss the vital issues impacting the music community.

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Today, music creators and also artists like BTSJonas Brothers, Jennifer Hudson, Common, and also others took to social media to support Behind The Record and also celebrate every music creators.

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Check listed below to check out who obtained on board with Behind The document to give creators behind the curtain the credit and acclaim they deserve.

Thank girlfriend to all of the amazing civilization behind the song "Butter!" Please join us in celebrating them and ALL creators who work-related tirelessly #BehindTheRecord to bring music to life. Let"s #GiveCredit whereby credit is due for #BTS_Butter! #WeAreMusic