After the whirlwind the craziness that consisted of the story the Seth Rich, ns felt the was finest if today and tomorrow, we concentrated on a an extremely fun, light-hearted, and down-to-earth mystery. It’s something girlfriend may have actually heard of, particularly if friend watch—or listen to—a lot of mystery-centric videos/podcasts. It’s little an ext than a photo (which serves together the header photo for this write-up) and also shows a guy at the leaf of the cool canyon with a fishing line. However, if friend look a tiny closer, there’s something deeply unusual around it all: a guy peeking about from behind a bush. This man has garnered the nickname that the grand Canyon Grim Reaper. Edgy name, yet is it really death himself? Let’s find out.

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This story originates from Reddit—which I carry out my best to avoid as soon as covering stories, but it’s among the few stories from over there that i think is rather interesting. The original article can be uncovered here. V that the end of the way, let’s begin.
Our story comes from a user named ZombieGandaffi and also centers top top his uncle at an unknown duration in time (though he says that it remained in either the late 1970s or 1980s). Zombie (as I’ll speak to him) claims that his uncle and also some the his friends take it a pilgrimage to the cool Canyon once they decided to stop and stretch your legs. During this time, Zombie’s uncle had an idea for his friends to take it a photo of the standing close to the sheet of the cool Canyon, which castle did and shortly thereafter, they pack up and also drove turn off to their destination.
Once the pictures were arisen though, his uncle i found it something extremely peculiar. Standing not far behind him was a really tall man; he was dressed in all black and his skin to be unusually pale. If you aren’t able to plainly see the male in this write-up’s header, here’s a close-up that the monster man.

It’s at this allude that Zombie clues something very weird out: his uncle and his friends had actually been standing there because that a complete of 15 minutes, however none of them ever before noticed the man there. No Zombie’s uncle, nor any of his friends, said they knew this man either. Zombie’s uncle likewise stated the the cool Canyon had also been doing not have in tourism at the time of the year. Come this day, Zombie states that his uncle and also the photographer have actually sworn up and also down the they aren’t joking around the photo and that they don’t know the man is (or was).
That’s whereby the story the Zombie’s uncle’s weird snapshot ends; Zombie said this story ~ above Reddit seven years earlier and due to the fact that then, the image has come to be known as “The grand Canyon Grim Reaper” because that rather evident reasons. The guy in the snapshot looks favor he’s wearing the iconic cloak that death is depicted as wearing and his extremely pale attributes make that resemble a dead body. Though i personally agree with the website “Week in Weird” and think he looks like one of the designers from the movie Prometheus. You decide! speak of deciding, it’s time to move onto the theories section. Over there are fairly a few of them, therefore strap in.
One that the most popular theories from skeptics is the the strange man had stopped at the grand Canyon himself, but in bespeak to relieve himself. To explain his height, it’s been stated that the camera had actually simply resulted in a little of cheat imagery; that it do him show up far larger than he actually was. As for why he to be looking in ~ the camera, it’s posited that he was curious as to what was going ~ above or come make sure that that didn’t finish up in the picture (or other parts of him).
Of course, like a couple of other theories, this is one that needs on the dice of fate rolling perfect to have actually circumstances align. The cool Canyon wasn’t experiencing a the majority of tourism in ~ the time and also as such, the odds of a man having to go pee at the time while this team of friends had stopped themselves and decided to take it a silly snapshot seems exceptionally slim. Though together is the situation with countless other situations in the world, coincidences happen and as such, is it really so crazy to think that this couldn’t happen? I’ll leaving that as much as you come decide.
Sightings the the Grim Reaper have happened and I want to cover them one day. That said, i can’t to speak I’ve ever heard of fatality taking a holidays to the cool Canyon, however oh well. This theory posits that fatality was prepare to take a soul, but Zombie’s uncle—or who else—ultimately ended up living when their time had actually been meant to expire. This isn’t exactly surprising given world have died taking photographs like the one the Zombie’s uncle took; it’s a precariously tiny distance in between life and falling right into a canyon all points considered. Together such, it’s feasible that death had to be waiting simply in case.
A concept as boring as have the right to be, this one puts forth the idea the it was simply some male who to be there and wanted to view what was going on. It’s creepy in its own right, yet you’d be surprised how often world eavesdrop. Then again, if the male was hanging the end at the cool Canyon and also saw a team of world who randomly traction up, i can’t exactly blame him for being curious what to be going on.
This concept posits that it’s the heart of who who died at the cool Canyon. While ns can’t uncover the names of anyone who’s passed away at the cool Canyon, it’s likely that there’s at the very least one spectre that’s been seen around the park. Despite if it to be this person in particular, I’m certain there’d it is in reports of together an eerie looking man past this one photograph.
Although it’s been proven the the photograph wasn’t manipulated in any type of way, some think that a friend of Zombie’s uncle was the male behind him and it was all a prank. Personally, ns see specifically no factor for Zombie’s uncle (not to mention Zombie’s family as a whole) to it is in lying because that years ~ above years. They have nothing to gain from it whatsoever. The said, some civilization pull really permanent pranks for no logical reason.
This theory and the next one—which is the last one (spoilers)—I heard top top a video by the YouTube channel “Top 5s”. Click the hyperlink if you want to watch it. As for the theory, the posits the the mysterious man was to plan on committing suicide.
Given the the an alleged time structure of this photo is between 1970 and also 1980, ns tried to find a number because that the lot of world who’d committed suicide there, yet I had actually no luck. What i can find is that “more 보다 40 people” have actually committed suicide because 2002. This number originates from a website called knau in an write-up published in 2017. Therefore overall, the suicide price isn’t precisely high, specifically when you consider that the state that Arizona has actually been experiencing a spike in the suicide price (source: Arizona department of Health). If friend don’t want to read the article, about four civilization a job commit self-destruction in Arizona and there space 18 suicides every 100,000 deaths (a number that’s from 2017).
While ns won’t judge those who commit suicide, I will certainly say that i think this theory, while definitely not impossible, is astronomically small. The probability of that group of girlfriend having gone to the precise spot wherein this man had intended to run from in ~ the precise time doesn’t it seems to be ~ at all likely. That said, crazier things have happened. So I’ll leave it approximately you to decide.
The 2nd theory that i heard native Top5s. It puts forth a really malicious theory: that this man had intended to commit a horrific murder by pushing Zombie’s uncle right into the cool Canyon. However, ~ above realizing that there were human being at the various other side, he opted to wait till they left. Though he presumably gave up waiting and left.
I to be curious if there had been any murders at the grand Canyon and only one story caught my eye: the of Robert Spangler. ~ above December 30, 1978, the murdered his wife, Nancy, in the basement of their Littleton, Colorado home. He likewise shot his children, Susan and David. A small over 14 years later, top top April 11, 1993, Spangler murdered his third wife, a 58-year-old aerobics instructor named Donna Sunding by pushing she off a 140-foot (40 meter) drop at the cool Canyon. The picture I to be able to find of Spangler (which you have the right to see below) doesn’t exactly look prefer the man in the picture, though it at least confirmed to me the someone"s propelled someone to their fatality at the park.

With the said, i can’t think of any serial killer who’s to be a serial “pusher” or that was energetic in Arizona at the moment of the picture being taken. Nor deserve to I think of everyone who’d not just take the chance and push the man and also run; the distance in between the photographer and Zombie’s uncle was most likely not small. Despite that’s just me. Don’t include me to a list, FBI.
In my eyes, i think it’s fun to speculate on if the human in the picture is Death. It’s one of those things that makes life exciting and helps to reduce the monotony of day-to-day life. Though realistically, together I said before, i don’t think it’s yes, really the Reaper. While reports of see him—or at the very least a spirit choose him—exist, they all happen when someone is around to die or in a hospital (where deaths are typical in some capacity). Had the individual in the photograph fallen right into the cool Canyon, I’d be inclined come say that it’s possible the entity was the reaper (in despite the of the appearance of the man not gift anything close come what he’s said to watch like).
Because of that, I made decision to actually execute some detective occupational on the photograph that didn’t show off me having actually to use any type of sort of an intricate technology. Nay, I instead looked in ~ the photograph for some time and also tried to uncover something that perhaps others missed. When I’m no photography expert, i figured it was worth a shooting to merely try. So ns stared and stared. Then ns stared in ~ it part more. Then i pretended i was a component of the NCIS team and stared some more, yet I clicked it and also prodded it through the cursor.
After staring at it because that an not suitable amount the time though, I gave up. When I certainly think the photograph is creepy, I discovered precisely nothing of merit the would point to anything various other than a normal human being being and also not the Grim reaper or any type of other spirit. As well as the lack of any type of death the had arisen when the photo was taken, the path in i beg your pardon the person is peering out to look at the human being who took the photograph makes me think he was an ext curious regarding what to be going on.
Now as for the tremendous sequence of occasions that would’ve required this to have actually happened, I will admit the it’s rather insane that whatever fell into place for this photo to have actually been taken; while definitely not the many amazing snapshot ever taken, ns think the mere concept that such an eerie image was bring away that led to something that might be understood as a photo of the Grim reaper is quite cool (not to point out creepy). Though every other theory that I’ve watched proposed—aside native it having been faked—doesn’t ring true come me. As for why ns don’t think it to be faked, together I claimed earlier, Zombie’s uncle, along with his family, have nothing to get from such an act after all of these years.
With every one of that said, my an individual theory on this is that the guy was likely peeing; a theory I never ever thought I’d ever list on this blog in my life, yet I’m skeptical the male expected a snapshot to it is in taken—or because that anyone to even be over there at the time.

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As I claimed at the finish of the write-up top top the man in the Plastic Bag, i think the it’s nice to remember that few of the creepiest mysteries space the ones that can take place that don’t precisely have anything impressive to them (per-se). In this case, it’s a straightforward picture taken at the appropriate time that surrendered something unexpected. Though the unexpected point is something i firmly think to be perfectly explainable.
Though that’s simply me: what perform you think? do you think that fatality decided to take it a leak at the grand Canyon? phone call me in the comment below and also remember come wash her hands. Ns hear the helps prevent Corona!
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