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The good Wall of China Guy is a nickname offered to an eastern man that accidentally photobombed a Redditor"s picture of the renowned fortification. Upon its submission to Reddit, the image inspired numerous dozens of photoshopped parodies overnight.


On November 11th, 2013, Redditor Hipsterthug submitted a photo he took of the Badaling section of the an excellent Wall through an eastern tourist partly blocking the foreground come the /r/funny subreddit in a article titled "I do the efforts to take a picture of the good Wall." The photograph was quickly claimed the following "In the way Guy" and also met by number of photoshopped instances in the comments. The write-up garnered more than 29,000 up votes and 979 comment in much less than 24 hours.



Between the night of November 11th and also early hours of the following day, in ~ least five photoshopped instances featuring the asian tourist"s confront were it is registered to /r/funny, using "I tried to take it a photo of…" as the snowclone for titles. Top top November 12th, Redditor Gfbell re-submitted the same picture in one /r/photoshopbattles cross-post titled "Great wall of China Guy, spawning numerous dozens of additional instances making use of the asian tourist"s challenge as one exploitable image.



<1> Reddit – ns tried to take it a picture of the great Wall.

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