S6, E1

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The next generation of hip hop nobility attempt to step exterior the shadow of their well known families.

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S6, E2

Don't it is in Salty

Angela's fast-moving relationship with her brand-new boo raises alarm because that Vanessa who has actually yet to fulfill him. Pepa pertains to Sam's defense and also faces off through Twist. Tee Tee was standing by she controversial choice to exclude the Peppers from her wedding guest list.

S6, E3

Her Backyard Is no Clean

A shocking cheating rumor is exposed. Angela's new boo autumn a bomb. Pepa and Tee Tee face off. Stevie J interrogates Savannah on exactly how she's raking in significant cash. Uncle Luke's daughter Cree help Jojo setup a surprise for Tanice.

S6, E4

Loyalty is Dead

Jojo and Tanice's anniversary party goes all the way left as soon as Briana confronts Boogie around being a disloyal friend. Lil Twist and Cree clash. Vanessa presses Angela around meeting her brand-new man. Savannah digs up dirt on Boogie before their an initial date.

S6, E5

Every mrs for Themselves

Shocking rumors the infidelity run wild. Boogie's attempt at an treatment for Briana backfires, and the battle lines space drawn. Tee Tee presses Shawn to go to couple's counseling prior to their trip to the altar.

S6, E6

Nip that in the Bud

Angela breaks down in tears when her break-up with the boxer encounters public scrutiny. Cree battles to reconnect v her dad Uncle Luke. Vanessa alerts Tee Tee about the rumor spreading behind her back and all hell division loose.

S6, E7

Light whatever Ablaze

Cree and her father Uncle Luke face off in a fiery reunion. The cheating rumor continues to wreak havoc upon Twist's party and Tee Tee's on the warpath. Savannah and Boogie's second uncovers their true feelings for one another.

S6, E8

The Elephant in the Room

Tee Tee and Shawn fire increase the cheating rumor as soon as their wedding plan derail. Treach check Egypt and Sam around squashing the beef through Tee Tee and Jojo. Briana's party spirals into chaos when a fight division out in between Savannah and Eric.

S6, E9

Some kind of Swindle

Stevie J puts Savannah in the warm seat for she spending. JoJo and Tanice decide to save their pregnancy a secret. Tee Tee enlists the assist of her mommy Maureen to put a protect against to the cheating rumor, and also there's hell to pay.

S6, E10

Coming In Hot

After she breakup, Angela plans to ceiling it all in a sexy swimsuit calendar. Briana and Boogie's friendship involves an ugly head. Jojo and also Sam sit down to squash your beef, but Jojo's upcoming showcase is threatened when tempers flare.

S6, E11

The Showcase

A scandal entailing Angela is exposed. The legends Pepa, Uncle Luke and Brat come with each other at the judge's panel because that Jojo's showcase. Egypt's under pressure to do solo because that the very first time there is no Sam. Treach actions in to heal the family.

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S6, E12

Don't begin the Fire

Jojo's showcase end in a melee in between Tanice and also Sakoya, Jojo Hailey's daughter who exposes Angela's past. For the first time in end a year, Egypt and also Tee Tee come to a head and also settle the score in one epic family reunion.
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