It’s lastly here, the season finale for Telltale Games’ Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy for PS4, PC, Xbox One and mobile devices.

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The fifth and also final illustration of the season wraps up few of the lose ends gift throughout the five episode arc, and will give fans a look into what taken place to several of the widely disparate choices that wrapped up illustration 4. If you’re to crawl on detect the right selections or you must compare few of the decisions in stimulate to acquire the most out of her playthrough that the game, there’s a walkthrough accessible for Guardians that the Galaxy: The Telltale series – episode 5: Don’t stop Believin’.

YouTuber MKIceandFire has actually the complete playthrough of illustration 5 up and also available, clocking in at just under two hours. Girlfriend can check it out below.

As few of you know, over there were part pretty vast choices in episode 3 (whether or no you pick to destroy the eternity Forge) and an same huge an option in episode 4 (whether you allow Drax come sacrifice self or not).

The playthrough over goes with the route that girlfriend attempted to ruin the eternity Forge and also that you refuse Drax his desire come sacrifice himself.

The episode starts v a news briefing of Hala attack a planet and also killing millions. If you saved Drax then you’ll be v Gamora in the bar at Knowhere, however if friend let Drax sacrifice self then Peter and Rocket will certainly be together in the bar.

Mantis and also Groot will certainly come ago no issue what, and Mantis will explain that the Eternity create is consuming Hala, for this reason Hala requirements to consume life to remain alive.


Groot and Mantis will touch and also Groot will have a flashback.

As Groot you’ll have a few comical choices to make, largely quips in reply to Star-Lord and Drax.

While Star-Lord describes his plan use Groot to open the air vent in the prison cell, and use Groot’s stretchy eight to move over to the guard’s shoulder, tap him and also then beat him the end to take his keycard.

The flashback escape native the prison is nowhere near as dynamic together the Marvel Cinematic cosmos version the the escape featured in Guardians that the Galaxy, yet it functions as the intro to illustration 5.

In response to Mantis’ feelings around Groot’s flashback, you deserve to say other reasonable to development the conversation or you can keep saying that the reason the Guardians came together was due to the fact that of Peter’s man looking mustache. If you save saying it’s since of the beard the dialogue will keep going as Mantis keeps denying Peter the ideal to praise his moustache for getting them out of prison.

Mantis and Peter will certainly mind-meld and also will require to develop an emotional bridge throughout the subconscious metaverse in order to track under Drax and Rocket (or Gamora if you chose to stick with Rocket).


You have to choose from a variety of emotions in order for the emotions to take it physical forms and also then start to build the subconscious bridges come the various other Guardians.

You’ll also have to choose how you think the various other Guardians feel about being heroes. This will create additional manifestations. Simply click on the spheres come create extr bridges.


And finally, you’ll have actually to select how the victories of the Guardians make Peter feel, this will produce a few more spheres. Simply click on the spheres.


If Rocket is through you then he’ll it is in on the Milano with Pete and Groot. If Gamora is with you then she will be ~ above the Milano through Pete and also Groot.

If Rocket is not through you, then he’ll go ago to the world where he buried Lylla. Gamora will go back to where she had her strongest connection with Nebula and also Thanos.

You’ll have actually a an option of either going to obtain Rocket or Drax an initial (or Gamora or Drax if Rocket is currently with you).

If girlfriend go gain Rocket you’ll have the ability to choose why friend came back to gain Rocket. If girlfriend say that you came earlier to apologize, Rocket will certainly remember that.


Examine the environment and also look in ~ the chair, the cages, and also the surroundings.

Examine the bombs top top the table.

Pick up the explosives and plant the bombs at Lylla’s cage, the laboratory chair in the next room, and also plant a bomb at Rocket’s cage.

If friend tell Rocket friends forgive each other, that Peter is simply as afraid together Rocket is, and that the Guardians room family, he’ll remember that.

Peter will likewise have to go to Kylos come retrieve Drax. Drax’s feelings because that Peter will count on the choices you made throughout the series. You will likewise be may be to choose to one of two people surrender or shoot Drax throughout the struggle. If girlfriend shoot that he will give thanks to Peter for rekindling his warrior spirit.


Depending on that you select to retrieve very first will determine just how Drax feels about being retrieved. If girlfriend retrieve him first he will remember that. If friend retrieve him last he will certainly be angry about that.

During the talk with Gamora you deserve to talk come her and also have Peter express his feelings because that Gamora. However, if you pick to have Peter to express his feelings toward Gamora she will not reciprocate, result in an extremely awkward conversation.

You can also talk with Mantis and also Drax – Drax will apologize and you can accept the apology and also he will remember that. Girlfriend can likewise tell Mantis the you’re happy she’s back, and also she’ll psychic that.

Talk to Rocket around a plan on obtaining onto Hala’s ship.


You’ll have to pick and choose that does what because that the final mission segment and assign each person a role.

You have the right to assign Gamora, Groot, Drax and also Mantis to the duties of:Create-a-DistractionRetrieve Hala’s helmetProtect the hackerHack the computer

The logical roles are:Rocket together the hackerDrax to safeguard the hackerGamora to create a distractionand Groot come retrieve Hala’s helmet.

Before walking on the mission, Peter will offer a ridiculous speech. Friend can choose what to say around each of the Guardians, and they will certainly remember every little thing you say about them.


Perform the quick-time event and also then start the following quick-time event phase the planting the bomb top top Hala’s ship.

Continue to perform the quick-time occasions while rigging the super weapon coils.

Once inside the ship, perform the Guardians quick-time fiesta come crush Hala.

A flashback succession will show Pete and also his mom, before getting earlier to the present.

During the last moments you’ll be able to either comfort Hala or tell she truth during her final moments before she dies.


The last big decision in the episode will certainly be Mantis talking to Peter around his mother. Girlfriend can select to have Peter experience one last moment with his mommy or not.

If you choose to take it Mantis’ hand Peter will acquire to view his mother. You’ll have the ability to choose what track Peter and his mom deserve to listen to prior to she departs.

During the last moments the Nova Corps will contact saying that they have an emergency. You’ll have the ability to choose to expropriate the mission, tell castle they’re on your own, or hang up to end the episode. In a post-credit scene a mysterious figure will have actually retrieved the body of Thanos, and also the display screen fades the end while looking in ~ Thanos’ face.

In an alternate playthrough from RabidRetroSpectGames, it reflects some the the decision that brought over indigenous the vault episodes.

If in the last episode you chose to go ago to the town instead of walking camping, during the flashback sequence with Peter’s mom, they will be in the hospital rather of in ~ the camp site.

If you decided in episode 3 to store the forever Forge about instead of ruining it, Hala will certainly not come to be corrupted and also Bal-Dinn will certainly be restored to life. Additionally, Hala will have a Kree armada at she disposal, and Bal-Dinn will have joined the Guardians.

During the last showdown you’ll have actually a selection to either destroy the Kree or permit Bal-Dinn take control of the Kree armada.

No issue what decision friend make, no one will forget the decision.

A last decision will enable Bal-Dinn to either take it his mother right into custody or have actually the Nova Corps take Hala right into custody.

The finishing here is drastically various than if you made decision to damage the forever Forge.


In a rather interesting twist, friend can pick to wipe out the entire Kree race by reviving the Celestial using the forever Forge, and also it will damage all the Kree.

In response, Bal-Dinn will become an arch-nemesis that the Guardians of the galaxy.

If the forge is supplied to resurrect the Celestial head, you will have one more charge left in the eternity Forge.

You will have actually a an option to either regain Drax’s family, Lylla because that Rocket, or Peter’s mother.


Depending ~ above what you pick will determine who will be come back to life, i m sorry is drastically various from the alternate route where the Eternity create is destroyed.

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You can select who to bring back using the forever Forge, as demonstrated in the video clip below native XCV.

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