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We all recognize the an excellent Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah fight ‘Lake coast Drive’. Bill and Wendy are joined ~ above the phone by Skip Haynes, guitarist the the an excellent band. Lock talk around ‘Lake coast Drive’ gift featured in ‘Guardians that the Galaxy Vol. 2’, the incentive for the song, and also more.

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SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — four members of an alleged California militia group have pleaded guilty come conspiring come obstruct justice in the case of a federal guard who was fatally shot in Oakland much more than a year ago, federal prosecutors said.

The males — followers of the “boogaloo” movement, a concept adopted by a loosened network of gun enthusiasts and militia-style extremists — room accused the conspiring to destroy communications and also other records about the may 29, 2020, killing of federal defense officer David Patrick Underwood and also attempted killing of his partner by one of their members.


COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. — WREG has received reports of a shooting with multiple human being possibly injured inside the Kroger ~ above Byhalia and Poplar path in Collierville.

Collierville Police Department reported an off-campus energetic shooter situation. Collierville High college is currently sheltering in place.

Any students that stay on campus will not be permitted to leave the building and no tourists will be allowed to go into the building until the shelter in place has been lifted.

Multiple ambulances have been viewed entering regional One Hospital, the local trauma center.


Census: Rethinking exactly how to count civilization in dorms, prisons

by MIKE SCHNEIDER, linked Press / Sep 23, 2021
Following a 2020 census in i beg your pardon the pandemic made accessibility to team housing difficult, Census office officials claimed Thursday they room going come reassess how they count world living in dorms, prisons and also nursing residences in the next head counting of every U.S. Resident in 2030.

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The Census office is going come rethink exactly how residents of group quarters room accounted for, despite it"s too at an early stage at this point to say how that will certainly be done, Al Fontenot, an associate director that the Census Bureau, called members of a clinical advisory committee during a digital meeting.



The Chicago way w/John Kass: Ald. Reilly top top why crime is the key to re-election, the lack of decorum in ~ City Hall, and the racially charged remap process


Criminal justice professor on the cops’ worst defect in Gabby Petito and also Brian Laundrie web traffic stop