Zelda's Happy Mask salesman Is really Shigeru Miyamoto: Theory defined The Happy Mask clerk has many mysterious, unexplained powers in The Legend the Zelda: Majora"s Mask. One explanation is that he"s Shigeru Miyamoto.

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The Legend that Zelda Shigeru Miyamoto Mask Salesman
The Legend that Zelda"s convoluted lore makes the series especially at risk to speculation and theory, but one concept that"s obtained traction is whether series creator Shigeru Miyamoto makes a cameo together the Happy Mask clerk in Majora"s Mask. In ~ the present, most Zelda conjecture focuses roughly how the series" larger lore may variable into the sequel to Breath the the Wild, yet there are still numerous unsolved mysteries from Zelda gamings of decades past, including this possible Easter egg.

Miyamoto developed not only The Legend that Zelda, but Mario as well, and also was the an innovative force behind the iconic arcade variation of Donkey Kong. The was even a producer on a number of Pokémon games till the early on 2000s. Miyamoto"s an imaginative presence and importance in ~ Nintendo - and gaming in basic - is difficult to overstate. Together Zelda"s creator, he was additionally an executive, management producer on many The Legend of Zelda games.

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The Happy Mask salesperson is a NPC in Ocarina the Time, Majora"s Mask, and Oracle of Ages. In Ocarina that Time and Oracle the Ages, though, he just runs a (Happy) Mask Shop. However, he"s the major instigator the the plot of Majora"s Mask. The game"s occasions are set in movement when Skull boy ambushes the Happy Mask Salesman and also steals Majora"s Mask native him. The Happy Mask salesperson is additionally the one who educates Link about Majora"s Mask and sets him come the task of retrieving it. The strength he displays, in Majora"s Mask in particular, do it evident he"s no plain salesman.

The happy mask salesman from Legend that Zelda Majora's Mask
The Happy Mask Salesman has actually bizarre and god-like strength in Majora"s Mask, i beg your pardon go entirely unexplained. He makes an exaggeratedly grandiose and gigantic piano appear out of thin air come teach attach the "Song that Healing," i beg your pardon disappears simply as easily. He seems to teleport at the end of the game. His animations are unnervingly jerky and skip frames in a method not prove by a Zelda personality before.

If the game"s three-day clock operation out and the Majora"s Mask"s notorious Moon crashes right into Termina, the player hears the Happy Mask Salesman"s laugh as the words, "You"ve met a with destructive fate, haven"t you?" appear - the first lines he says to attach in the game. Then Link shows up before him in the Clock Tower together he asks, "How did girlfriend do?" This greatly implies that, top top failure, connect is sent back in time by the Happy Mask salesman himself. Plus, while attach is within the Clock Tower through him, time does not pass, and the game"s ever-present clock totally disappears.

most bizarrely, the Salesman appears to have omnipotent understanding of Link"s actions. Upon asking link to discover Majora"s Mask, the Happy Mask salesperson says, "What? Is that not a simple task? Why, to someone like you, it should be through no means be a an overwhelming task." The events of Ocarina that Time did not occur on this timeline, so over there is no factor the Happy Mask Salesman should know attach has abilities beyond his possession that a sword and shield. Majora"s Mask takes location on the child timeline, where, after ~ the Ganon"s loss at the finish of Ocarina the Time, Zelda sends Link back to relive his childhood. The only person who to know the full level of Link"s achievements is attach himself. The Happy Mask clerk should additionally not understand that the "precious item" connect lost in the start of the video game is the Ocarina the Time.

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There space been many theories about the Happy Mask Salesman"s inexplicable knowledge and powers. Some claim he"s a deity or a descendent of the old Ones who offered Majora"s Mask in your hexing rituals, but the most intriguing idea is that he"s the in-game avatar of Miyamoto, which would easily define his knowledge of Link"s background with Ganon and also actions in Termina. The Salesman"s god-like powers to teleport, conjure objects, and manipulate time would additionally be explainable if he to be the game"s producer in "disguise." This would also give an exciting answer to why the Happy Mask Salesman"s animations space so unnatural compared to his surroundings: he"s that a various world and not technically an alleged to it is in there.

There are interesting parallels in between the Salesman and also Miyamoto together well. Follow to a file from the New York Times, Miyamoto theatre piano, which might explain why the salesman conjures a piano specifically. In addition to drawing, Miyamoto spent his childhood making his very own toys and "carving wooden puppets through his grandfathers’ tools," i beg your pardon is intriguing if one think of the Salesman"s wonder masks as a parallel for puppets, or also for gaming code. An ext obviously, the Happy Mask Salesman"s wares canonically incorporate a Mario Mask. Plenty of have additionally commented ~ above the physics resemblance the Salesman bears to Miyamoto.

Happy Mask Majora's Mask
If this theory is true, the Happy Mask clerk is a double-edged take on Miyamoto. Over there is definitely love in the portrayal, but the Happy Mask Salesman has some clearly dark facets to him. For instance, that can gain somewhat distressing as soon as he"s angry, once going so far regarding shake Link. In an Iwata Asks interview, previous Nintendo chairman Satoru Iwata quips in ~ one point, "Miyamoto-san gets pretty scary when he’s angry, no he?" After another employee agrees and laughs, Iwata complies with up with, "Miyamoto-san is really merciless as soon as it comes to planning!" So it transforms out there could be good reason the Happy Mask Salesman have the right to be frightening.

Majora"s Mask"s development may have influenced the Salesman"s duty in the game. As pointed the end on Zelda Universe, Miyamoto originally tasked the Majora"s Mask team to make the video game in a year. The game"s team knew this was difficult from the outset, and also such a herculean job feels not dissimilar to, say, solving an entire kingdom"s difficulties in only three days. Indigenous this lens, the Happy Mask Salesman"s command in Majora"s Mask feels like a wry form of revenge.

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Of course, the Happy Mask Salesman appeared before, in Ocarina the Time, yet his function in Majora"s Mask was dramatically different and much larger. In Majora"s Mask, he is both helpful and also intimidating, which can be a reflection of the team"s own feelings of reverence and frustration in the direction of Miyamoto in ~ the time. However, it"s clear the Miyamoto take it this every in great humor, or else the Happy Mask clerk wouldn"t have made it into the game as is. Any an innovative knows that, once working on projects under scrutiny and also a deadline, stress can acquire high, but there"s clearly deep affection for Miyamoto end at Nintendo. And also yet, the Miyamoto link to the Salesman remains a just theory. The true nature that the Happy Mask salesperson is simply one that the many mysteries in The Legend that Zelda.