I assumed this illustration was in reality REALLY strong, return George is still quite orange (and has actually blue lips at one point. Ns am worried that this series is walk to end with George being diagnosed v a bizarre condition of some sort). First of all: FINALLY, the casting of Meredith Monroe (AKA Dawson’s Creek’s Andie McPhee) as Lemon’s mommy pays off, like 4 SEASONS LATER. Second: Happy Wade and Zoe are an extremely cute together. Third: ns can gain on board with this George and ab thing. Ns was worried it to be going to feel sort of “Sorry, but These room The only Two solitary People Left,” yet I in reality think it might be working. LET’S DISCUSS.

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First off: Zoe and also Wade are having a boy!


There is a moment that is both predictable but likewise funny wherein Wade think his fetus child’s arm is actually his penis. This kicks turn off a storyline wherein Zoe freaks out around how come raise “an Alabama boy” — she knows nothing about, say, wherein to uncover the best fishin’ hole — and also Wade freaks out since he realizes that if his child is as with him, he is screwed. It will not surprised you to uncover out that they at some point realize that they’re in this together, and also they’re going to be okay. It’s actually fairly sweet.

Second off: George and abdominal are both realizing the they’re secretly warm for every other:


Whereas ns am largely just hot for AB’s dress, i beg your pardon is CUTE. George is around to ask abdominal out when they room interrupted by Lavon, and somehow no one marvels why George’s entire body is orange and his lips space blue. Maybe his new gig regulating The Truitt Brothers, and now likewise Meatball, entails eating a most Popsicles.

Up next, we learn that Lemon is feeling really Valentino lately, and likewise that BlueBell requirements to speak the Dreaded Fillmore into agreeing to host the State soccer Championships through them, due to the fact that together they will certainly surely acquire the nod and also then make lots of cashola:


Everyone is swayed from their hatred the Fillmore and also the dastardly mayor Gainey come agree that lots of Cash is precious it. George does NOT begin waxing poetic about the time HE was on a storied high school football team, i beg your pardon is sad since I want to know how he miraculously acquired the capacity to walk again and additionally I require Tim Riggins’s phone number. I additionally think Tami Taylor might give Zoe some really comforting advice WRT being a great mom, and also obviously I lengthy to see Coach and his hideous sunglasses that he bought at the AM/PM immediately. What ns am speak is: I understand it’s also late because the end of this series is currently in the deserve to and likewise everyone else has brand-new jobs yet CROSSOVER episode COME ON girlfriend GUYS.

To consist of for it, though, the show gives us the gift of Lavon and Wade, in tank tops, painting the nursery:







Ahem. Sorry. Anyway, that was a nice treat for everyone.

You should know that Crickett and also Tansy respectively have actually both figured out that abdominal muscle and George have actually nascent crushes ~ above one another:

You should additionally know the Tansy’s lips are also blue and also that she is pretty certain that Scooter McGreevy is going to propose. (“Tansy, you can not marry the toolshed,” is George’s response.) Spoiler: that does not. Instead, he division up with her. At a sophisticated dinner! With genuine NAPKINS! (Scooter McGreevy is THE WORST, but also that gibbs is very funny. I’m happy we’re getting all ours old favorites ago as the collection wraps up. Tertiary character cameos for everyone!)

Lemon and her really best headband, together the small Business owner of BlueBell’s “most persuasive member,” has been dispatched to go to convince Lavon that he needs to team up through Mayor Gainey to gain the State Championships because that BlueBell:

He agrees as soon as he realizes exactly how much cash is in it because that both towns, however you deserve to imagine the he is no pleased around this. There was a an excellent deal of, “No no no no naw naw naw naw NOOOOO,” together is Lavon’s charming wont. And there are a the majority of shenanigans involved in acquiring to this point, but essentially that is agreed that Lavon will go with abdominal muscle to mrs Gainey’s 60s Themed date of birth Party as her date and use the face time to gain Gainey to agree. (Mrs Gainey invited abdominal because they obtained to know each various other when ab was date Barry Watson, AKA Davis who We All already Forgot Existed.) You’ll it is in happy to hear the this gambit works, mostly because Mayor Gainey LOVES Don Todd — as do we every — and also Lavon claims that he knows him? (Since when? ns think Lavon is just using the truth that he has read Don Todd’s autobiography over and also over again to PRETEND to recognize him.) You can be sad come hear that in this scene, Lavon additionally tells Lemon that if she won’t have him, he’ll find someone else who will, but don’t be sad, because I am certain this is every temporary. She pretends this is okay through her and COME top top YOU males WE ALL know WHERE THIS IS GOING. (In fact, whereby it’s walk is abdominal realizing the she’s end Lavon and wants to obtain under George, and also therefore offering Lemon the greenlight to walk shag her man.)

Meanwhile, George asks ab out ~ above a date and also she claims NO.

And she has actually no idea why. Neither does he. (She later on realizes that this is since she’s fear of getting hurt again. Oh, AB, girlfriend won’t. The present is almost over! Leila Gerstein and Writers would never ever be so unkind as to leave abdominal muscle crying and heartbroken and alone FOREVER.)

While those two space winding their method toward one another, Zoe is trying to learn around the significance of the Alabama man, via camo shorts and also the unholy triumvirate of Meatball, a Truitt, and also Tom Long.

“I resent the implication,” Meatball says, when Zoe announces that this trio “epitomizes” the significance of Alabama manhood. “I just epitomize with ladies,” the Truitt announces. Tom, that course, to know what she means, due to the fact that Tom has actually read a book in his lifetime. He additionally is the one v a goat:

There’s a totality Twangy Montage o’ Stereotypes (beer! Fishin’! Trucks! Taxidermy!), yet obviously eventually Zoe gets set straight through a tiny girl softball player that she needs to not make so many assumptions around what people in Alabama are like — boys or girls.

And I’m certain that such actual Alabama guys as Hank Aaron, Lionel Richie, Truman Capote, Apple’s Tim Cook, Olympian Jesse Owens, George Washington Carver, and also the botanist who found tetracycline, Benjamin Minge Duggar, would certainly all agree through this advice.

Meanwhile, abdominal muscle is put on this supervisor cute dress and also freaking out about her confound Feelings because that George:

It’s as well tight ~ above the boobs, however it’s otherwise adorable, and also the great news is the Crickett (amusingly analysis a publication by Ellen) is also wearing a wonderful dress extended in popsicles. Are popsicles a secret running template in this episode? I have the right to live v that.

I desire IT.

While Crickett agrees the George is too wishy-washy to make a good boyfriend, Zoe is end in Brick’s office, putting out her heart.”I to be going to be the worst Alabama Boy mother EVER,” Zoe worries. Her dress, i m sorry she wears because that the remainder that the episode, is really CUTE:

Brick says he raised two girls every alone, and also he regulated just fine. And also right top top cue, Magnolia pops in:

That outfit is no that flattering on her — she constantly looks prefer she’s wearing the remnant bin in ~ Forever21 — and likewise she’s “home because that the weekend!” i literally believed they had actually shipped she off to boarding institution in Switzerland, but then i realized that i think the was a item of fanfic I came up with myself and then chose was true. Whoops. (Or maybe it to be an idle hazard from Grandma Bette. I don’t care enough about Magnolia to fact-check this.)

But in enhancement to prove to Zoe that elevating a girl is as hard as raising a boy, Magnolia is approximately her old tricks. When Lemon comes home — in this dress that’s an excellent on her, however would most likely be destructive on anyone no Jaime King — she meets Magnolia’s new boyfriend, a shirtless jackweed bullrider called Chet.

He also calls Lemon “Cherry,” which do me laugh the end loud. And also Lemon scampers end to the Rammer Jammer to make Wade promise to placed the fear of God into him. (Chet’s cocky and obnoxious refusal to be cowed is what makes Wade freak out that he as well will be unable to advanced “an Alabama boy.”) and while that’s going down, assumption: v WHO’S BACK:

Andie McPhee’s other Daughter, indigenous her brand-new Family — no of which know around each other (well, Lemon knows, because method back in season one, she tracked her mother down and saw said brand-new Family) — has broken her arm in an away soft ball game, just in time come lay some sweet child-raising science on Zoe and really f’ up Andie McPhee’s arrangement to continue to be estranged from everyone. Numerous thoughts. (A) as I stated originally, Andie McPhee is together WEIRD spreading for this role. Meredith Monroe is just 10 year older than Jaime King. Past the truth that she’s part of the CW family, i can’t obtain why they provided her this part. It’s not prefer she’s a big name you can promote for your present (I mean, if you’re casting someone indigenous Dawson’s and aging castle up, in ~ least try for Katie Holmes. ). Perhaps she and also someone on staff are great friends and also she necessary a gig, yet they’ve had her in reserve for this an extremely moment for 4 YEARS. I don’t also know. Possibly the actor they had actually slated for this component got norovirus the job of shooting, means back in the day, and also someone ran into Andie McPhee ~ above her means to the commissary on the WB lot. ANYWAY. Note the second: if girlfriend abandon your family and also make a new life because that yourself, you should most likely leave the state if you want to really gain away with it. At the very least, DON’T permit YOUR other CHILD go TO AN far SOFTBALL game IN THE VERY little TOWN indigenous WHICH girlfriend FLED. Since then friend won’t run into your totally GOBSMACKED EX top top the method out the his doctor’s office.

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Over in ~ the Gainey party, George is jealousy watching abdominal with Lavon and abdominal muscle is jealous watching George with Tansy:

George and also Tansy have actually crashed the party to do Scooter McGreevy jealous (George payment a dude leave the party $20 for his costume, which is hilarious since Scott Porter is favor 10 time burlier than the extra they had actually in the role). I m sorry works, through the way. Scooter only had to watch Tansy in her mini-skirt before he completely wanted come get earlier together with her. Yet it seems that ship has sailed:

Nothing says, “we space never, ever getting back together” prefer a grasp of ambrosia come the face. Anyway, the Realization the They’re jealous of each Other’s Fake day prompts abdominal and George to recognize that castle Like prefer Each Other, and also they decide to walk on a actual Date. And, perhaps an ext importantly, it also prompts abdominal muscle to walk over come Lemon’s come tell her the she’s completely over Lavon and that Lemon requirements to go and get she love:

But when Lemon’s racing end to Lavon’s residence to phone call him the all the obstacles are down and it’s LEVON ON, she sees her father and HER ESTRANGED mommy walking v town together brash as you please. (Andie McPhee had actually scampered back to the office to give Zoe her map to happen on come Brick, so the she deserve to “explain herself” come everyone. Whatever. You’re the worst, Andie McPhee. Abandoning two little girls is shitty, complete stop, specifically when whatever prompted stated abandonment reportedly resolved itself in time for her to have actually her very own happy family, like, ONE city OVER, and it never emerged to you come come “explain ” till you acquired caught.)

I AM no RESERVING JUDGEMENT on YOU, ANDIE MCPHEE. Yet I carry out reserve the best to reverse all this judgement if her tale moves me sufficiently. Regardless: “Poor Lemon,” I claimed aloud to the TV in ~ this moment. Go tell Lavon! allow HIM comfort YOU through PASTRIES.