After a long hiatus, due to the Olympics and The Oscars, this previous Sunday Heartland to be finally back with a brand-new episode. And also it to be one that was Heartland to the core. Why, girlfriend ask? Let’s find out in this Heartland season 11 episode 15 recap, shall we?

Warning, spoilers ahead!

Aggression issues and also cures

The first big storyline of Heartland season 11 episode 15 to be all about Amy help a horse and also its rider. And as every usual, Heartland writers discovered a way to take this Heartland trope and also turn it right into something special.

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At the really beginning the the episode, we experienced Georgie training through Phoenix at the Westfield’s personal jumping arena (you could remember Paula Westfield and her daughter Peyton from episode 8). And also while over there Georgie experienced Peyton’s horse Tyson attacking few of the other steeds at the course. For this reason Georgie made decision to gain Amy to aid Peyton and her horse. Especially, since an official with Equestrian Canada, Canada’s governing body for equestrian sport and also horse welfare, witnessed it all go down and also threatened to fail a complaint against Tyson, which would avoid Peyton from contending on him.

Amy i agree to take a look in ~ Tyson. Albeit reluctantly after her previous endure with the Westfields. And the means of help Tyson took Amy earlier to the days when her mom was doing what she go now. Because Amy discovered a way to assist Tyson’s aggression concerns in she mom’s journal. And, together it turned out the very first duo the Amy’s mom used this cheat on to be Jack and Paint. Because, when Paint was young he had the same issues.

So Amy provided her mom’s method, and also although the took part work, in the end, Peyton learned just how to put her frustrations aside and also take charge. Definition that Amy go her task at help Peyton and also Tyson. And Peyton even got come prove the EC male that Tyson no deserve to it is in prohibited indigenous competing. I’d speak to this a big win for every involved. However especially because that Amy, who got to aid a equine using her mom’s wisdom.

Jade’s back

The second large storyline the this illustration was Jade return to Hudson for Thanksgiving weekend and also finally finding out around Tim’s wellness problems.

Ever because Jade chose to walk to Texas in illustration 12 us were wondering as soon as she will revolve up again. And also we didn’t need to wait long due to the fact that on Heartland season 11 illustration 15 Jade was back. Yet she return certainly didn’t go as planned.

After Jade checked out Tim’s rodeo school and saw the Tim was back in his element, she called Georgie the right prior to she left for Texas she was worried that something was wrong v Tim. And also Georgie no being maybe to store a straight confront caved and also told Jade about Tim’s MRI and also the feasible tumor. So Jade being Jade made decision to confront Tim about it. Telling him just how Tim sending out her away and not informing her about his health made she feel.

Luckily, Tim, realizing the he make the dorn decision once it concerns not telling Jade around his feasible tumor, apologized to Jade. And also after Jade speak to Jack, and also he told Jade around his wellness scare, she interpreted Tim’s thinking behind not telling her. Yet that only strengthened her resolve of quitting Texas and also moving earlier to Hudson to train in Tim’s rodeo school.

So that looks favor Jade is ago home for good. And we will certainly be seeing an ext of she after all. I beg your pardon is great, since I love the dynamic between Tim and also Jade. It yes, really is choose no other relationship on the show.

The Thanksgiving (almost) disaster

One of the things I loved around Heartland season 11 illustration 15 the most was the Thanksgiving stuffing storyline for Jack and also Lisa. Mostly because it called us around another Bartlett household tradition. And gave united state a beneficial life class in the process.

As it turns out, Jack’s late mam Lyndy supplied to make this secret-recipe stuffing every Thanksgiving. And also she passed it down to Lou, that took end the duties after ~ Lyndy passed. However, because Lou couldn’t make it ago home because that Thanksgiving, the remainder of the household was left there is no a way to make the stuffing.

Lisa, of course, volunteered to do it. If just Lou would provide her the recipe. But, because Lou didn’t answer to Lisa’s message for days, Lisa immediately though the Lou no think of Lisa as family sufficient to share her grandmother’s recipe with her. Which brought about a large misunderstanding.

Luckily, by the end of the episode, Lisa made decision to take it Jack’s advice and actually speak to Lou, not just text her. And the misunderstanding was conveniently cleared up. Lou hadn’t obtained the text, which is why she didn’t even know around Lisa’s inquiry for the recipe. And the episode ended with a beautiful household dinner complete with Grandma Lyndy’s stuffing courtesy of Lisa.

But this storyline simply goes to show, exactly how technology, even though at sight useful, can additionally sometimes injury us and also our relationships. Therefore the moral of the story is, sometimes a text isn’t enough. If you need something, sometimes the best way to get it is come call. What perform you think about this notion? have actually you knowledgeable a comparable situation since of lost text, email or another kind of communication? leaving a comment below! I would certainly love to know.

New romantics

Finally, once it comes to Georgie, in this episode we saw her no only aid Peyton through convincing she to bring Tyson to Heartland and also let Amy occupational with him. Yet we also saw Georgie and Wyatt’s connection evolve.

During the very first half that Heartland season 11 illustration 15, we saw Wyatt spoiling Georgie v bouquets the flowers and also promises of an elaborate dinners. And, when Georgie was flattered by every that, she didn’t feeling the requirement of the all. Since she much an ext liked the Wyatt who involves trail rides through her, no the one who gifts her roses.

So when Wyatt took Georgie to a sophisticated and high-quality restaurant in Calgary, just to do Georgie dine and dash after the meal, since he couldn’t pay because that it, she voiced her frustrations come him. Informing that she no in the relationship for the points he deserve to buy her. And luckily Wyatt heard her, promise to go earlier to gift the boy that took her on a road pilgrimage to Gopher Museum.

It appears that in spite of all the complications, Georgie and also Wyatt’s connection is walking strong. And also hopefully, it will proceed on that path due to the fact that they space seriously cute together.

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Last thoughts on Heartland season 11 episode 15

I think the this illustration was the perfect lead-in because that the last 3 episodes of Heartland season 11. Which will certainly air on march 18, April 1 and also then break up the season ~ above April 8. Because usually towards the finish of the season things acquire a little crazy and hectic. However, Heartland season 11 episode 15, back still to be entertaining and also interesting, wasn’t together fast-paced. Definition that it provides us sufficient time to prepare for few of the craziness that ns am certain is around to come our method in the last 3 episodes the the season.

And also, although we don’t know yet if there will certainly be Heartland season 12 since that decision is commonly revealed during the mainly of the season finale. I have a pretty good feeling about Heartland continuing on because that at least an additional season if not more. So while we wait for news regarding if there will be Heartland season 12 or not, make sure to clock the last three episodes the the season. The rating count and also each check out gets us closer to acquiring a twelfth season!

Episode highlights:

• Jade being back in Hudson• Georgie and also Wyatt’s relationship this episode• Tim questioning for advice and then deciding top top his very own (see Quote that the episode)• Georgie convincing Amy to help Peyton and also Tyson• Jade lastly learning around Tim’s health and wellness issues• Amy teaching Peyton just how to take care of Tyson• Tim apologizing Georgie because that her having actually to be the one who damaged the news to Jade about Tim’s health• Amy and also Jack’s conversation about Marion’s journal• Jack informing Amy no to doubt herself• Tim saying i m really sorry to Jade for not telling her around his tumor• the entirety restaurant sequence through Georgie and Wyatt• Jack’s advice to Jade• Jade deciding to stay in Hudson• Peyton proving that she can regulate Tyson come the EC guy• the Thanksgiving sequence at the end of the episode

Episode short points:

• Lisa thinking the worst when Lou didn’t reply to her text• Wyatt making Georgie dash and also dine through him

Quote that the episode:

Jack: (after Tim asked because that advice and also then didn’t even let Jack and Lisa to speak a word prior to deciding top top what come do about Jade on his own) “Well, ns glad we could offer our opinion.”Lisa: “Yes, us were a many of assist there.”Jack: (shouting after Tim) “You’re welcome!”