Just living on a Sunday morning, gained my toast and also tea and also I"m warm and I simply thought I"d think about. Every the things to get and keep getting, never sufficient not enough and never ending. I just thought I"d think about. And also it could be...The lull of a understanding of a rise over the sky over could never ever parallel the difficulty of an acquisition in the here and now.Parody of yourself in color, offering it to everybody but your mother. You"ve got much to think about. Soaring higher with every treason. Never justify, never reason.You"ve acquired much come think about. And also it could be...

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My InterpretationI think this song is around a teenager who is just start to think about the meaning of life and living, and all that.I can definitely relate come "parody of yourself in color, offering it to everybody but your mother" - in other words, showing your vivid true self to everyone yet your family.

Memorymy old garage band, us never obtained our sound once we play out. We acquired lucky sufficient toopen for letters to cleo. Ns remember whenthey did this! the singer go out me away through her intensity.great power pulling turn off lyrics favor thislive, no in a studio situation. I was impressed.

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Song MeaningFrom one interview with WGBH Boston.Q: Hanley to be going v a breakup while creating the record…A: five yeah. It to be a pretty large breakup.Q: … and also things that happened in that connection made their means into the song.A: He always used come tell people that, "you’re a parody the yourself." prefer that was his can be fried diss the he might give someone. And also honestly to now he"s like,"Where room my royalties for the line?" i think he simply asked me that again like 2 year ago. And he had actually a publication called The comfort of Strangers under our coffee table because that years. I never read it yet the location stood the end to me. For this reason that ended up being ‘comfort the knowledge’ and it’s about karma and also energy. And also the ‘comfort the a knowledge of a rise above the sky above,’ is like you recognize you’re walk to sky so simply do every little thing you want while she here. It’s a rejection of that idea.Q: She believes that your time on planet is finite, and also that you should be the best version of you yourself while you here.A: You must be good while she here. You should live the best version of you yourself while you’re here as protest to relying on this large sky ghost to take treatment of girlfriend later.