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The very first “Super Mouse” cartoon, “Mouse the Tomorrow.” (Uploaded come YouTube through TerryToons; public Domain)

In “The destructive of the Hesperus,” the eighth short, the Mighty computer mouse name is used for the an initial time. It’s clear by the eleventh installment the the studio was all set to relocate away native the parody costume, as they switched him to a red costume through a yellow cape. By “The Sultan’s Birthday,” the mouse’s fifteenth adventure, his look at has cleared up into the acquainted yellow and red. While Mighty Mouse continued to appear regularly top top the big screen and also was one of Terrytoons’s best characters, he no as well-known as, say, Tom & Jerry, Woody Woodpecker, or other continual inhabitants the the shorts. Through 1955, terrycloth licensed all of his Terrytoons cartoons come CBS, eventually completing a revenue of the studio come the network by the adhering to year. Top top December 10, 1955, Mighty Mouse came to be a TV star.

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The first series was dubbed Mighty mouse Playhouse, and featured the standard shorts repackaged because that TV. Mighty Mouse recorded on in a big way with the public, and also the show ran for just quick of 12 years. The theme song by Marshall Barer, through its call of “Here I involved save the day!” came to be as acquainted as any type of tune in popular music culture. CBS did make three more theatrical shorts between 1959 and also 1961, pass the total to 80, however abandoned the practice with December 1961’s “Cat Alarm.”

When Playhouse ended in 1967, the character stayed alive in comic books and also TV syndication packages. Mighty mouse returned come CBS in 1979, together with fellow Terrytoon personalities Heckle & Jeckle, in the aptly named The new Adventures of Mighty Mouse and also Heckle & Jeckle. The hour-long show included new cartoons because that both to adjust of characters, as well as for Quacula (yes, a vampire duck). Every episode had one Quacula short, two Heckle & Jeckle shorts, and three spots for Mighty Mouse, among which would certainly be an rate of an ongoing serial dubbed “The great Space Chase.” In 1980, the show was cut to half an hour, and also eventually relocated to Sunday, before ending. The an excellent Space Chase theatrical movie of 1982 to be edited together from the 16 parts of the perfect serial.


Mighty computer mouse didn’t remain away native CBS because that long. Famed animator Ralph Bakshi, who began his career and Terrytoons before ending up being known for edgy animated features like Fritz the Cat, Wizards, and American Pop, and also his 1978 adaptation the The lord of the Rings, kicked off a revival series in 1987. Title Mighty Mouse: The new Adventures, the collection drew critical acclaim for its new style and an ext sophisticated humor. Those aspects could be fan in part to Bakshi, and also to very first season an elderly director man Kricfalusi, that would produce Ren & Stimpy. The collection even make Time’s perform of the best of 1987. Unfortunately, the display came under strike by Donald Wildmon’s American household Association, who alleged the one episode whereby Mighty mouse sniffed a flower shown cocaine usage. The fairly ludicrous story played the end in the press, and also though CBS released statements supporting Bakshi, the present was cancelled through 1989.

Mighty Mouse has actually mostly been the end of the spotlight because that time, yet rumblings the a reboot continue. In 2019, Paramount animation began assembling a team for a hybrid live-action/CGI feature; authors Jon and also Erich Hoeber and producers Karen Rosenfelt and Robert Cort are apparently attached. As of November 2, 2020, the film was booked for an October 2022 release.

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Whether the super-powered computer mouse grabs the fist of a new generation the fans continues to be to it is in seen. However just since he’s been in the background for a pair of decades, don’t count Mighty computer mouse out. It might be on the big screen, or probably on Paramount’s streaming service, yet chances are an excellent that he’ll be coming to save the day when again.