A GIF, or “Graphics Interchange Format”, is a compressed image file format that permits for animation. There are many ways to develop a GIF, yet Photoshop is fast and easy, with built-in tools for photo manipulation and also animating.

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Just like standard animation, an animated GIF is comprised of a collection of still images played sequentially to produce the illusion the movement. Uncover a GIF turn off the internet and also drag it right into Photoshop, and also you will see the different frames that comprise the animation. These frames are what we’re going to develop in this indict in order come animate a killer banner advertisement GIF.

Learn just how I make this GIF! photo via graham wizardo.

Without further ado, here’s just how to make an man GIF in Photoshop.

Step 1: set up the dimensions and resolution of your Photoshop document—

Set increase your document ahead the time. Even if your just ambition is to develop a shareable GIF for your friends on society media, letting the size of her photos or video dictate the dimension of your paper might do the record larger than you require it to be, i m sorry translates into a negative quality GIF. In general, somewhere in the region of 600px-800px is fine because that a square image.

Set up the dimensions, resolution, and color setting of your Photoshop document


For this project, we room working v a banner ad GIF, which has actually standard sizing guidelines. I made decision the 720×300 layout. Make certain your units are in pixels.


To save the record size together low as possible, a resolution of 150 is fine. I went with 300 since I know my GIF no going to be the big. Make certain your units room in Pixels/inch.

Color mode

Finally, man GIFs are created the screen, so collection your shade mode come RGB color. Push Create to open up your brand-new document.

Step 2: income your image files into Photoshop—

File > scripts > Load files into Stack…
Select Browse, discover your images, align castle if you require to, and click OK

Making a GIF from still images

Go to File > scripts > Load files into Stack and select the Browse switch in the load Layers home window that come up. This bring up the Finder/Explorer window where you have the right to browse for your files and also select all of the ones you need. When you’re finished, click Open and then OK in the next window. The records will it is in imported right into a different document, indigenous which you can select all layers and drag them right into your working document.

Making a GIF from video

If you space converting a video clip into a GIF, walk to File > import > video Frames to Layers.

Step 3: open the timeline window—

Window > Timeline
Set increase the timeline home window for a structure animation

Go to Window > Timeline. This will open up a dashboard in the lower 3rd of the canvas. In the center of the panel, click on the arrow to open up the dropdown menu, and select Create framework Animation.

Step 4: convert your layers right into frames—

If you have actually your quiet images currently prepared, click the hamburger menu icon in the timeline and select make Frames indigenous Layers

Your very first frame will currently be collection up, make of every one of the clearly shows layers (meaning the layer visibility, or eye icon, is switched on) in her document. Now all you need to do is fill the Timeline with multiple frames to simulate movement. There are two means to carry out this: import frames friend have already prepared or develop your computer animation from scrape in Photoshop. This ar will cover the first scenario.

If you have already set up still, sequential images ahead that time (or space working from imported video frames, see step 2), click the hamburger menu icon in the top right corner of the Timeline panel. Choose Make Frames indigenous Layers. Girlfriend will watch the timeline populate v frames from your layers.

Step 5: Duplicate frames to develop your animation—

Beneath the timeline is the tools panel, which consists of (among others) the loop setting, the preview button, and also the duplicate structure button

If you have not set up the still images ahead of time or require to adjust parts of the computer animation you created in step 4, you can create the animation manually frame by framework (which is just how I made my animation). To carry out this, duplicate the last frame in the timeline (click on the earmarked page symbol in the devices panel beneath the timeline), make the alters you should make on her image, and also repeat.

For example, my animation is a pair that sunglasses sliding under over the subject’s eyes. To carry out this, I copied the frame, moved the sunglasses under a couple of pixels (how numerous pixels to be a issue of trial and error—more on that later), and also repeated this procedure until i had around fifteen frames and also the sunglasses were where I wanted them, resulting in smooth downward glide animation.

Photo via graham wizardo.

Step 6: set the hold-up time of every frame—

The duration setting can be found at the bottom of every frame

You can discover the delay timer at the bottom that each frame (the time in seconds with a dropdown arrow next come it).

Click the arrow to carry up the menu and also choose the amount of time you desire the framework to display on screen.

You can collection the expression of separation, personal, instance frames or multiple frames at when by selecting all of the frames girlfriend need and using the dropdown food selection for one of them.

Tip: plenty of frames with short delays is the an essential to smooth animations whereas few frames with long delays create a jerky, stop-motion effect.

Step 7: set the variety of times the animation will loop—

Also located in the devices panel beneath the timeline is the loop setting. You can collection your computer animation to loop Forever, Once, or a specific variety of times.

Step 8: Preview and iterate on your animation—

The play button in the timeline window’s tool panel enables you to preview her animation. Usage this come make certain that your animation is believable and also behaving together it should. If that isn’t, shot tinkering about with hold-up or adding more frames till you acquire the outcomes that girlfriend want. Vice versa, this is likewise a great time to experiment v removing as numerous frames as you can without break the illusion of activity in order to acquire the lowest paper size possible.

Step 9: Export her Photoshop document as a GIF—

File > export > save for internet (Legacy)…

First the all, don’t forget to save your working PSD!

Once you’re prepared to fiddle your last GIF, walk to File > violin > save for internet (Legacy). (Note: if you room working v an older version of Photoshop, the will most likely be record > save for net & Devices). This will lug up the violin window.

There are a many of choices here, but we only need a handful because that our purposes. First, make sure you set the record type come GIF in the dropdown crate in the top right. The remainder of the choices I’ve emphasize in the image listed below are optional but beneficial for developing a lightweight file. Let’s walk v them now.

Trim the file size

Your main goal with the remaining choices is to store your record size short by diminish the lot of details in your GIF there is no sacrificing picture quality. Remember the a large record size method a slow pack time, which deserve to be particularly punishing because that marketing purposes like banner ads, wherein the viewer wasn’t searching for your content and won’t it is in waiting around for it come load. Target to remain beneath 1MB. Approximately 5MB is doable on most websites however pushing it. You can see your GIF’s record size in the bottom left edge of dashboard containing the preview image.

These are the setting you need to pay fist to in the conserve For net window

Reduce the shade information

Unnecessary shade information is the biggest culprit once it comes to a large paper size. To cut it down, adjust the total number of colors in the dropdown crate labeled “Colors:” and also reduce the dither (the blending of pixels to create seamless shading) setting beneath it. As you do changes, store an eye top top the preview image of your GIF ~ above the left side to see how the resolution is being affected.

Convert to sRGB

sRGB, or “Standard RGB,” has actually a narrower selection of colors than the default “Adobe RGB,” so make certain to inspect that box.


Once you happy with your resolution and record size, fight the save switch at the bottom the the window. To make sure that whatever came out alright, you have the right to preview the finished GIF document by dragging it right into a browser’s URL box.

My finished banner advertisement GIF. Photograph via graham wizardo.

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Step 10: Share your finished Photoshop GIF!—

And over there you have it—your perfect GIF, all set to be mutual all across the world wide web. Currently that you have actually the skills to create simple Photoshop animations from videos and also still images, you can gifify practically anything!

While this an approach is helpful for quick, fun GIFs, GIFs for expert purposes should be a lot more robust 보다 my silly sunglasses ad. Discovering the software application is straightforward, but animation itself is a tricky art form that take away practice and also expertise. When you’re ready to up her GIF game, make sure you’re working with a professional.

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