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You deserve to change, store, and delete the wallpaper on the audio/information screen.

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Import wallpaper

You deserve to import up to 5 images, one in ~ a time, for wallpaper native a USB flashdrive.


1. Connect the USB flash drive to the USBport.

2. Pick Settings.

3. Choose Clock.

4. Choose Clock/Wallpaper Type, then openthe background tab.

5. Select include New.

The snapshot name is presented on the list.


6. Choose a preferred picture.

The preview is displayed on the left sideon the screen.

7. Pick Start import to conserve the data.

The screen will go back to the wallpaperlist.

Wallpaper Setup

The background you set up ~ above Clock/Wallpaper Typecannot be presented on the driver informationinterface.

When importing background files, the photo must bein the USB flash drive’s source directory.

Images in a folder can not be imported.The file name must be fewer than 64 characters.The paper format the the picture that deserve to be importedis BMP (bmp) or JPEG (jpg).The individual document size border is 5 MB.The maximum image size is 4,096 × 4,096 pixels. Ifthe picture size is much less than 800 × 480 pixels, theimage is displayed in the middle of the display withthe extra area showing up in blackIf the USB flash journey does not have any pictures,the No records detected blog post appears.After changing the display interface design, friend canchange the wallpaper by following procedure.

1. Pick


2. Select and hold empty space on the home screen.

The pop-up menu shows up on the screen.

3. Select change Wallpaper.

4. Pick Gallery, Live wallpapers, or Wallpapers.

Select wallpaper

1. Choose Settings.

2. Choose Clock.

3. Choose Clock/Wallpaper Type, then open the background tab.

The screen transforms to the background list.

4. Select a wanted wallpaper.

The preview is presented on the left side on the screen.The pop-up menu shows up on the screen.

5. Choose Set.

The display screen will return to the background list.

To see wallpaper as soon as it is set

1. Choose


2. Select Info.

3. Select


4. Select Clock/Wallpaper.

Delete wallpaper

1. Pick Settings.

2. Pick Clock.

3. Pick Clock/Wallpaper Type, then open the wallpaper tab.

The screen changes to the background list.

4. Choose a wallpaper the you desire to delete.

The preview is shown on the left side on the screen.The pop-up menu appears on the screen.

5. Select Delete.

A confirmation message shows up on the screen.

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6. Select Yes to delete completely.