You’d think that the Spanish word because that KITE would certainly be simple word. 4 letters, nothing fancy, simply some twigs, record and string. A mere kid’s toy. Simple, right? rather the opposite, folks.

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It turns out there room at least 15 Spanish language words because that the very same object.

KITE concerns mind as words that brought about my an initial pre-Speaking Latino stumbling while discovering Spanish. I believe the very first word ns learned for kite is cometa. Numerous places understand this word, but couple of use it. It seems each nation has developed its own word.

Today, I’m feeling cantankerous so I’m simply going to point out the different words I’ve run across for KITE. Let’s check out if you have the right to fill in the country equivalent to each, or even add other words, below in the comment (HINT: many of these room in the speaking Latino online dictionary).

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Spanish Language Words because that KITE

My an initial list included only six words: volantin, chiringa, barrilete, papalote, papelote and the previously divulged cometa. Me thinks that papagayo is another for the list. It’s used in Portuguese, however I am persuaded some Spanish-speaking country uses it as well. Am ns right?

But here is a much more updated list:

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1. BarrileteUsed Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia (Caribbean), Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua

2. ChichiguaIn Dominican Republic

3. ChiringaIn Puerto Rico and also Cuba

4. CometaUsed in Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, Nicaragua, Uruguay, Chile, Spain and also some parts of Venezuela and also Mexico

5. LechuzaIn Nicaragua

6. PandorgaParaguay and also some locations of Argentina and also Uruguay

7. PapagayoIn Venezuela

8. PapaloteUsed in Costa Rica, Cuba & Mexico

9. PapeloteIn Honduras

10. PiscuchaIn El Salvador

11. VoladorUsed in Bolivia and some areas of Venezuela

12. VolantínUsed in Chile and in some components of Argentina, Bolivia and Venezuela

13. ZamuraIn some areas of Venezuela

14. CachiruloIn Valencia, Spain

15. PetacaIn some locations of Venezuela

8 Spanish indigenous for kite Video

Watch this video clip update where, in a minute, I’ll provide you 8 words for KITE.