I am i m really sorry if this is not the right forum for this thread. Let"s say that a aircraft flies at FL380 on a clear day how far away can one view from the aircraft. Additionally if one is on the floor how far away (distance) from wherein the plane is have the right to you see it?
Viscount724Posts: 19316Joined: Thu Oct 12, 2006 7:32 pm
Here"s a calculator which must answer her questions. Simply plug in the altitude to obtain the approximate street to the horizon. Http://www.ringbell.co.uk/info/hdist.htm
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So as soon as a airplane cruise in ~ FL380 one can see about 239miles away and the aircraft can be seen by world on the soil 239miles away.

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BellerophonPosts: 535Joined: Thu might 09, 2002 10:12 am
Viscount742An interesting and also useful small calculator - many thanks for posting the reference - I"ve to be playing approximately with it.Cruising in ~ max altitude, top top my recent aircraft type, the horizon is 28 minutes paris time away.Cruising in ~ a much greater max altitude ~ above a previous plane type, the horizon was just 14 minutes flying time away!
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If you"re looking at Mt Shasta indigenous FL 380 end the main Valley it need to be clearly shows from at the very least 300 miles. Roughly, street to the horizon from Mt Shasta, plus street to the horizon from FL 380.
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Another formula you can use is: Distance seen in miles = 1.23 (X) square root of altitude in feet Jordan
When you are FL380 the horizon is 239NM away, yet people on ground won"t see you when you space 239NM from their vertical. The maximum ns have ever seen native ground is contrails indigenous approx. 80NM.
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Soooo in various other words, girlfriend can"t know for sure just how far, however either method we have the right to agree it"s nice far!
Some useless knowledge: a quick ascendancy of ignorance for radio line-of-right calculations is come pretend the earth"s radius is 1.33 bigger than actual. As result of diffraction.
Quoting TS-IOR (Reply 7):When you are FL380 the horizon is 239NM away, but people on floor won"t check out you as soon as you room 239NM from their vertical. The maximum i have ever seen native ground is contrails indigenous approx. 80NM.
True. No way you can see 240 miles
I recall a TWA transcon heading westbound one evening wherein the pilot came on and also said the people on the left next of the aircraft could watch the lamp of St Louis when those ~ above the right might see Chicago.

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RE: How far Away can One see From A Aircraft?

Fri Jun 25, 2010 5:21 pm

Diffraction will only add about 40 miles to the distance of the horizon. If you"re flying approximately Tibet, all things considered, you should have the ability to see Everest peeking end the horizon at close to 500 miles.
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