If friend love a healthy mix that desert planes, forested areas, and city life, a road pilgrimage from Phoenix to mountain Diego might be the perfect adventure because that you. Despite a reasonably short roadway trip, you"ll still view a variety of landscapes ~ above this journey.

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You could absolutely fly to mountain Diego native Phoenix, but you"d be absent out ~ above an remarkable drive across Southwestern joined States.

The 355-mile road expedition from Phoenix to san Diego will certainly take 5 hours and 30 minute of pure driving. Back doable in a day, think about splitting increase the journey and also taking the scenic route with stop in Joshua Tree, Palm Springs and Los Angeles.

If you"re interested in taking this roadway trip, keep analysis to discover the finest route to take, and also some concepts for areas to avoid along the way.

How far is mountain Diego from Phoenix and also how long will the road trip take?

If you need to obtain from Phoenix to san Diego quickly, the fastest course is 355 miles adhering to the I-8 and will take you around five and also a half hours to acquire there. That"s pure driving time so you"ll more than likely need to include at least a pair of hrs for any kind of unexpected traffic and also stops for rest, fuel and also food.

RouteDistanceDriving Time
Fastest route (via I-8)355 miles5 hours 30 minutes
Scenic route (via I-10)420 miles6 hrs 30 minutes

Beware that leaving Phoenix at sirloin hour, ~ above Friday evening or Saturday morning can easily land you grounding in a queue of similarly-minded weekend escapees so enable time to acquire through the traffic.

Even v these delays accounting for, you have the right to still do this trip in a job - I"ve thrust it in one afternoon myself and it"s a reasonably easy route. Yet driving it every in one walk will average you"ll miss out on out on several of the amazing sights you"re passing by that are well precious checking out.

If you have the time come spare, you have the right to take the longer 420-mile route adhering to the I-10. You"ll be including extra miles and hours come your roadway trip but trust me - it will certainly be precious it.

Best road pilgrimage route indigenous Phoenix to mountain Diego

The fastest path to obtain from Phoenix to san Diego will certainly be by complying with the I-8 close to the US/Mexico border. You"ll still have actually the possibility to avoid at a few of the state parks, including Cuyamaca Rancho State Park.

Beware of make the efforts to carry out a detour come the really border - ns did it and found a dust track through some fields out of curiosity to find a little too late the I managed to drive right onto the border and receive one escort back by very steely and somewhat bemused border patrol.

On the other hand, if you have the time and want to take advantage of your roadway trip, following the I-10 will provide you the possibility to visit even more national parks, to add Los Angeles if you"re interested in visiting the top city.

Road pilgrimage route native Phoenix to mountain Diego

To take the longer, scenic route, leaving Phoenix via the I-10, following it the rest of the way across Arizona and also California until you reach Moreno Valley.

From here, take leave 58 to acquire onto the I-215, merging onto the I-15 once you with it. Follow this highway the rest of the means to san Diego.

If you need to gain to mountain Diego via the quick route, leave Phoenix by the I-10, but once you"ve left the city take departure 112 to acquire onto AZ-85. As soon as you with Gilla Bend, unify onto the I-8, complying with this highway the remainder of the means through Arizona and California till you reach mountain Diego.

Day or night, Balboa Park is one good reason to walk on a road pilgrimage from Phoenix to san Diego.
For this trek, you"ll be passing v a most desert land, which means sweltering hot weather if you decision to go throughout the summer months.

If you execute drive in between June and also August, you"ll want to make certain your car"s AC is totally functional before you set off, and remember to pack lots the water, specifically if you plan on doing any hiking.

San Diego chin is pretty heat year-round, through temperatures normally ranging native the mid 60s to the high 70s repeatedly throughout the year. However, if you decide to go in between May and June, you"ll check out a lot of overcast skies in san Diego. There"s a reason San Diego locals refer to these month as might Gray and also June Gloom.

As because that winter, you deserve to expect a many rainfall in the southerly California area. Friend can definitely take this pilgrimage in winter, however don"t it is in surprised if you gain wet! instead of going in the summer or winter, it"s ideal to take it this road trip throughout the spring or the loss when the weather is mild and also there"s much less tourists around.

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September to November is a particularly good time to drive the road trip from Phoenix to san Diego - the weather is tho great, the overcast skies that the Californian shore are long gone and also the summer tourist season is end from job Day.

Remember as soon as again the no issue what time the year you decide to go, psychic to fill extra water because that the journey out. And don"t forget your camera - you"ll really desire it top top this journey to capture some that the stunning scenery along the way.