My wife and I space going come Jazz Fest this year. We can acquire a hotel in Metairie for a lot much less than one in the French Quarter. Over there is a Marriott opened in January in Metairie that we space planning to publication at.

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Any thoughts? Is there a lot to do/good areas to eat in Metairie? exactly how easy/cheap is it to gain to the French 4 minutes 1 or Fairgrounds indigenous Metairie? any kind of help/insight is appreciated.



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Hopefully it's evident that not countless regulars ~ above this board will certainly advise you to continue to be in Metairie vs. The French Quarter. However, if it's a big savings climate it may be worth it return I'd salary extra to remain downtown.

Metairie is a common suburb, v sprawling malls, chain restaurants, etc. Transportation is limited for the most part and ns don't understand of any type of easy means to gain to the quarter or the Fairgrounds except rental auto or cab. And also if you rental a car, parking i do not care an issue.

The Marriott Lakeway (opening January) is a reflagged/remodeled hotel that's to be a Sheraton and also Doubletree in the past. It's appropriate on the lake. There's really nothing in the instant vicinity (it's attached to a huge office tower) back the lakefront location is nice.

Metairie is lame. Sorry to be blunt but some locals in Jefferson Parish (Metairie,Kenner,Harahan,Gretna,Harvey) don't like brand-new Orleans and frankly don't or can''t evaluate it.

I had a girlfriend that wanted to cheap out so he stayed in Metairie and drove to the FQ. The parking to be horrible and it was not convenient to travel earlier and forth.

I would look for a B and B in the Faubourg Marigny. Once I confirm for Mardi Gras prices this year, I could get a room for $125 per night. Ns bet girlfriend can find a B and B alongside the FQ for about what the Mariott in Metairie would certainly cost.

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If JazzFest is your key interest, i would examine with the Marriott to view if castle will market shuttle service to/from the Fairgrounds. That can make it a little more attractive to stay there. There yes, really isn't lot within go distance. It's ~ above a major thoroughfare will little to no pedestrian traffic, though I think there is a sidewalk. Little consolation, though. The enntrance gate to the hotel is on a side street that i don't even think is a through street, therefore there's no method out but earlier onto Causeway Blvd, which, prefer I claimed is a pretty liven street. That wouldn't expense that much to take it a cab come the French Quarter. Gaining there more than likely wouldn't it is in an issue, together there are probably taxi's that hang around the hotel, but during Jazz Fest, I would imagine a cab drive home can be difficult to come by. Renting a car would typical you have to uncover a place to park in ~ the Fest and also most parking is in the surrounding neighborhood. Park in the not correct spot and your auto will it is in gone as soon as you return! It simply isn't a convenient ar for anything various other than a organization trip............come anyway! It could be an awsome adventure.