September’s full Harvest Moon will its peak on Monday, September 20, 2021. Learn exactly how the Harvest Moon obtained its name—plus, watch Moon phase dates, ideal Days by the Moon, folklore, andmore!


When to see the complete Moon in September2021

This year, look for September’s full Harvest Moon to climb in the southeast simply after sunset on Monday, September 20—just 2 days prior to the fall equinox! This full Moon reaches peak illumination in ~ 7:54 P.M. Eastern Time ~ above the20th.

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Why Is It referred to as the HarvestMoon?

The complete Moon names supplied by The Old Farmer’s come indigenous a number of places, consisting of Native American, colonial American, and also European sources. Traditionally, each full Moon surname was used to the entire lunar month in which the occurred and through all of the Moon’s phases—not only the full Moon. The Harvest Moon, however, is a bitdifferent!

The HarvestMoon

The full Moon that happens nearest to the fall equinox (September 22 or 23) always takes on the name “Harvest Moon.” unlike other complete Moons, this complete Moon rises at nearly the very same time—around sunset—for numerous evenings in a row, giving farmers several extra night of moonlight and allowing them to finish their harvests prior to the frosts of autumn arrive. Read more about the Harvest Moon!

While September’s complete Moon is usually known together the Harvest Moon, if October’s complete Moon wake up to happen closer come the equinox than September’s, the takes on the name “Harvest Moon” instead. In this case, September’s full Moon is referred to as the Corn Moon.


The CornMoon

This time that year—late summer into early on fall—corresponds with the time of harvesting corn in much of the northern United States. For this reason, a variety of Native American individuals traditionally used some sports of the surname “Corn Moon” to refer to the Moon of one of two people August or September. Examples include Corn device Moon (Western Abenaki) and Corn Harvest Moon (Dakota). 

Alternative September MoonNames

Other Moon names for this month highlight exactly how September is the transitional period between summer andfall:

Autumn Moon (Cree)Falling leaves Moon (Ojibwe)Leaves transforming Moon (Anishinaabe)Moon that Brown Leaves (Lakota)Yellow leaf Moon (Assiniboine)

The behavior of animals is also a typical theme, v Child Moon (Tlingit) referring to the time as soon as young pets are weaned, and Mating Moon and also Rutting Moon (both Cree) describing the time the year when certain animals, choose moose, elk, and deer, are looking tomate.

Read much more about complete Moon names and their timeless meanings here.

Moon Phases forSeptember 2021

Here are Moon phase dates and times (EDT) because that the month that September. Examine our Moon phase Calendar for dates and times in yourcity.

Moon Phases because that September2021

New Moon: September 6, 8:52 P.M. EDT
First Quarter: September 13, 4:41 P.M. EDT
Full Moon: September 20, 7:54 P.M. EDT
Last Quarter: September 28, 9:58 P.M. EDT

When is the next complete Moon? consult our Full Moon Calendar to findout.

September Full MoonVideo

Why does the Moon drive high or low in the sky? discover out the answer come this question—and learn much more about September’s full Moon—in this entertainingvideo.

Photo Credit: reader, RobinOsbon

Best job inSeptember 2021

Below room the ideal days because that activities, based upon the Moon’s sign and also phase inSeptember.

ActivityBest Days
Harvesting aboveground crops14, 15
Harvesting belowground crops23–25
Canning and also Pickling1, 2, 28–30
→See ideal Days for more activities.

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MoonFacts & Folklore

Usually, the Moon rises about 50 minutes later each day, but about the time that the autumn equinox, it rises only approximately 30 minutes later in the united States—even less inCanada.Frost developing in the dark of the moon death fruit buds and also blossoms, but frost in the light of the moon willnot.

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