Welcome come the second part of my conversation on nouns. If you haven’t already, girlfriend should examine out What’s In A Noun? component 1 come learn around the different types of nouns.

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Today, we’re going to look at the properties of nouns.

Nouns have actually two main properties (case and number) and two that some consider relevant (gender and also person), while others don’t. Ok cover every four, and you can consist of your very own mind.

1. Case

The residential or commercial property of instance indicates the relationship between a noun or pronoun and also the various other words in a sentence. There space two noun cases: common and genitive. The common instance is typically broken down into nominative and also objective.

Common Case: nominativeThe nominative situation refers come the person, place or point acting as the topic in a sentence or clause. The usually precedes the verb and constantly governs it.

The Hellspawn threw a substantial tantrum in the grocery store.

Common Case: objectiveThe objectives instance refers come the human being or point acting as things in a sentence or clause. In this role, the noun will never ever be the topic of the verb that follows.

The embarrassed mother put the boxes of count Chocula ago on the shelf.

Genitive CaseThe genitive instance is likewise called the possessive, and it is offered to suggest several various functions. Most commonly, it shows possession, but it can additionally indicate a relationship, a description, agency, or the duty of a subject or object. It is formed by including either one ’s or one apostrophe to the end of the word. (See my short article on apostrophes for more info ~ above this oft-misused item of punctuation.)

Beelzebub’s mommy told that to prevent playing v his flies and also come because that dinner. (possessive — his mother)This is Mr. Mephistopheles, Hell’s representative. (agency — he represents Hell)The demon’s application was rejected. The shouldn’t have used a red pen. (role the the subject — the demon applied)

2. NumberShockingly, the property of number shows whether we space referring come one object or an ext in a sentence. Typically, that is developed by including an “s” or “es” come the end of a indigenous — though sometimes developing a many in English can be a little more, um, distinct (datum, data; sarcophagus, sarcophagi). Yet that’s a whole other topic! here are some basic examples that the number case:

evil, evilsflame, flamescrash, crasheshex, hexes

3. GenderWhile English does not really have gender, in the means that some various other languages carry out (French and German, because that example), some English nouns space used almost exclusively to suggest the mrs or feminine and also would companion a gender-appropriate pronoun. Right here are some examples:

Masculine: uncle, brother, rooster, bull, ladFeminine: aunt, sister, hen, cow, lass

4. PersonThe residential property of human refers come what human the noun advert to. Is it an initial person, 2nd person or third person? here are some examples:

First person: I, the mr of Darkness, don’t desire to go to bed!Second person: You, tiny devil, would certainly be wise to get upstairs right now.Third person: She, mother of demons, just wanted ten minute of quiet.

And over there you have actually it, the nature of nouns in a huge nutshell.

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As one aside, I desire to keep in mind that there room a couple of other duties that nouns deserve to play. I have already discussed appositives in a ahead post. Noun can likewise sometimes act together adjectives, verbs and also occasionally as adverb — this is recognized as sensible variation.


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