Juli Boeheim is a exorbitant mother, housewife, and businesswoman. She is very supportive of she family but does not favor to re-publishing those details v the media. Together with that, she is likewise known because that her connection with James Arthur Boeheim, head coach of the Syracuse Orange men team. She likewise owns a foundation with him called Jim and also Juli foundation which concentrates on remove cancer.

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Early Life

Juli was born on 5th March 1966 in Miami, Florida, United states of America, and grew increase in Kentucky, Louisville, unified States. The information around her parents and also siblings has not been common with the media yet. Juli has actually completed her high school graduation however the details about the same have not been common with the media yet. Because that her further and greater studies, she checked out the college of Kentucky. The food which she learned from her college has also been retained private.

Juli Boeheim Career

Juli has a very solid and beautiful personality with which she has accomplished a lot of in she career. She is among the most inspiring businesswomen, housewife, and a mother. In 1966 Sport’s magazine referred to her together a beauty Queen. She has countless successful ventures and also has additionally been affiliated in many company deals. The information around her details has not been common much. Apart from her organization life, she came under the limelight due to the fact that of her connection with Jim Boeheim.

The details about her upcoming projects have not been common with the media yet. Her foundation is having countless upcoming fundraiser programs so she will be focused on the same. Apart from that, she will also support her kids in their upcoming matches.


On 20th February 2019, She and her husband were driving home and also met with an accident. They struggle a 51year old pedestrian called Jordon Jimenez and he shed his life ~ the accident. According to the report due to a slippery road and bad weather, Jim was no able to an alert his car and while turning he struggle Jimenez. Later a case was filled and according come the verdict, it to be an accident and also not top top purpose. Castle both then determined to support his family financially.

Juli Boeheim Biography

Physical Statistics

Favorite Things

Real NameJuli Greene Boeheim
Birth DateMarch 5, 1996
Age54 Years
Birth PlaceMiami, Florida, USA
ProfessionSelf Employed
Sun signPisces

Marital StatusMarried
Is she a Lesbian?No
Who is she Husband?Jim Boeheim
ChildrenJackson, Jamie, Jimmy, Elizabeth
HobbiesHorse racing & Basketball
Favorite ActressJennifer Aniston
Favorite DestinationParis
Favorite ColorBlack & Blue

Personal Life

Juli is married to Jim Boeheim who is an American Basketball coach and head coach of Syracuse Orange men’s team the the Atlantic coast Conference. She very first met that in 1994 in ~ a part in Lexington and also began date for 2 years. The couple tied their knot on 10th October 1997. Lock are likewise blessed with three children named Buddy, Jamie, and also James.

Juli Boeheim net Worth

Juli works in many organization ventures as an executive. She earns a lot of from this businesses and in addition to that she likewise runs a structure with she husband. Other sources of her income deserve to be from she sponsors and appearing at miscellaneous events. According to sources her network worth has actually been estimated at roughly $4.5 million.


Juli is Jim’s second wife as previously he to be married come Elaine Boeheim for 18 years.Juli’s children are an extremely much right into playing Basketball and they room playing in ~ the college level.She is the founder of the Jim and also Juli foundation which was released in 2009.Her foundation focuses on offering support for eliminating cancer with research and also advocacy because that the family members within central New York Community.She go not have actually her an individual social media account.

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