Sam Riegel is a famous Voice Actor, Director, and also Writer, he was born ~ above 9 October 1976 in Washington, D.C., unified States. Sam is well-known for giving his voice in the animated collection ‘Pickle and also Peanut’.

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He has offered his voice in animated films like ‘Patlabor the Movie’ (2006), ‘Redline’ (2009), ‘Tales that Vesperia: The very first Strike’ (2009), and also ‘Turtles Forever’ (2009). The has given his voice in animated television collection like ‘Fresh Beat tape of Spies’ (2015), ‘Pickle and Peanut’ (2015), ‘Tiger and Bunny: The Rising’ (2015), and ‘Elena of Avalor’ (2016).

Sam has operated for popular video clip games choose ‘Fallout brand-new Vegas’ (2010), ‘Battleship’ (2012), ‘Tales the Xillia’ (2013), and ‘Transformers: climb of the Dark Spark’ (2014).

He to be awarded the ‘Daytime an imaginative Arts Emmy Award’ in the group of ideal Director for the animated television series ‘Danger & Eggs’.

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He to be born in Washington, D.C., united States.Sam is 45 years old and his elevation is 5 ft 10.In 2003, he obtained the possibility to give his voice to the famous character ‘Donatello’ in the animated television collection ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’.His debut movie is ‘Patlabor the Movie’ (2006).In 2009, he gave his voice in animated movies like ‘Redline’, ‘Tales of Vesperia: The very first Strike’ and also ‘Turtles Forever’.He got the opportunity to job-related in the famous film ‘Freak Dance’.He has functioned for the animated television collection ‘Winx Club’ (2011).In the same year, he offered his voice come the personality ‘Short Seagull’ in the movie ‘Back come the Sea’ (2011).Sam was the ‘Dialogue Director’ for the animated television collection ‘Sofia the First’ (2013).He to be the ‘Dialogue Director’ and also ‘Writer’ of the famous animated television collection ‘Wander over Yonder’ (2013).Riegel has operated for the movie ‘Zambezia’ (2013), which was directed by ‘Wayne Thornley’.He was the ‘Casting Director’ and also ‘Voice Director’ of the animated television collection ‘Fresh Beat tape of Spies’ (2015).In the same year, he gave his voice in the man television collection ‘Pickle and Peanut’.He has worked in the web collection ‘Critical Role’ (2015).

He offered his voice and additionally was the ‘Dialogue Director’ in man television series like ‘Elena the Avalor’ and ‘DuckTales’.In 2017, the was part of the animated film ‘K: lacking Kings’.He was the narrator the the man television series ‘Fancy Nancy’.Riegel is just one of the best directors.

Sam Riegel Tv SeriesTeenage Mutant Ninja turtle (2003)Winx society (2011)Sofia the an initial (2013)Wander over Yonder (2013)Fresh Beat tape of Spies (2015)Pickle and Peanut (2015)Tiger and Bunny: The increasing (2015)Elena the Avalor (2016)DuckTales (2017)Fancy Nancy (2018)

Sam Riegel Movie ListPatlabor the Movie (2006)Redline (2009)Tales the Vesperia: The an initial Strike (2009)Turtles Forever (2009)Freak dance (2010)Back to the Sea (2011)Khumba (2014)K: missing Kings (2017)

Sam Riegel internet SeriesCritical role (2015)

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Who is Sam Riegel?

Sam Riegel is a famous Voice Actor, Director, and Writer, native Washington, D.C., joined States. Sam is known for providing his voice in man television series like ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’, ‘Winx Club’ and ‘Wander end Yonder’.

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What is Sam Riegel’s wife’s name?

Sam Riegel’s wife’s surname is Quyen Tran.

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