Note: to ensure that placed or appended measures display screen correctly, multimeasure rests should be set to off (toggle M).

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Single measureRange that measures


Insert an empty measure into the score

Use one of the adhering to options:

Select a measure or a frame, then determined from the menu: Add→Measures→Insert Measure.Insert lot of measures

Use among the complying with options:

Select a measure up or a frame, then decided from the menu: Add→Measures→Insert Measures...; to fill in the "Number of measures to insert" field and press OK.


Append an empty measure up to the finish of a score

Use among the following options:

Press Ctrl+B (Mac: ⌘+B).Select indigenous the menu: Add→Measures→Append One Measure.Append multiple steps to the end of a score

Use among the adhering to options:

Press Alt+Shift+B (Mac: Option+Shift+B); to fill in the "Number of actions to append" field and press OK.Select from the menu: Add→Measures→Append Measures...; fill in the "Number of steps to append" field and also press OK.


Delete a single measurePress Ctrl+Del (Mac: Cmd+Del); or indigenous the menu, select Edit→Measures→Delete Selected Measures.Delete a selection of measuresPress Ctrl+Del (Mac: Cmd+Del); or indigenous the menu, select Edit→Measures→Delete Selected Measures.

Notes: (1) In multi-staff scores, measure deletion also removes all equivalent measures in the various other staves the the system; (2) If you wish to delete only the measure contents (and not the measure up itself), use the Del command instead at step "2."


To edit the properties of a measure, right-click one empty component of the measure and also select measure up Properties...:

Dialog: measure Properties

You have the right to use the Previous/Next buttons, at the bottom left of the dialog, come navigate come the vault or following measure.

StavesThe visible property enables you come show/hide the notes and staff lines for the present measure.The stemless property permits you come show/hide all note stems for the present measure. Notes that typically have a stem together as fifty percent notes (minims) and also quarter notes (crotchets) only show the keep in mind head when significant as stemless.Measure duration

This feature enables you to readjust the time signature the a solitary measure nevertheless of the moment signature indicated in the score. You have the right to use the to produce a pickup measure (also known as anacrusis or upbeat), cadenza, ad lib ar etc.


Nominal is the apparent time signature and also cannot be edited.Actual have the right to be collection to noþeles you choose regardless of the nominal time signature.

Example: In the photo below, the quarter note pickup measure has a nominal time signature the 4/4, however an actual time sig. The 1/4. The procedures in the middle are in typical 4/4 time. The complementary measure up at the finish of the staff, through a dotted half note, has an actual time sig. The 3/4.

Incomplete measures

OtherExclude from measure count

Use "Exclude from measure up count" because that "irregular" measures, i.e. People that must not acquire counted in the measure up numbering. Normally, a pickup measure is significant as "Exclude from measure up count".

Add to measure up number

You can also use the "Add to measure up number" alternative to influence the measure up numbering. Girlfriend can get in positive or an adverse numbers here. Please keep in mind that this affects all succeeding measures. A worth of "-1" has the same effect as marking a measure up to it is in excluded from measure count.

Layout stretch

You have the right to increase or decrease horizontal an are between score elements (notes, rests, etc.) v this option. This provides a much more precise manage over the exact same measure spacing building as the menu regulates or key-board shortcuts because that Increase/Decrease large ( and ), which are accessed exterior of the measure Properties dialog when a measure up is selected.

Play count (as of version 2.1) / Repeat count (prior to variation 2.1)

If the measure has an end repeat barline, you can define how often it is played.

Break multi-measure rests

This building will different a multi-measure rest at the start of the selected measure. This option have to be confirm before you revolve on the "Create multi-measure rests" choice in Style→General..., in the "Score" tab.

Multi-measure rests are instantly broken at crucial breaks, such as rehearsal marks, time signature changes, dual barlines, irregular measures, etc. The default for scores is off, for components is on.

Numbering instantly numbers the an initial measure of each device (except because that the first system, actually except for a measure through the number 1), but an ext numbering options are possible. Native the key menu, select Style→General..., in the left pane, choose the "Header, Footer, Numbers" tab. In ~ the bottom of the right pane is the "Measure Numbers" ("Bar Numbers") section.

Mark the checkbox beside the "Measure Numbers" ("Bar Numbers") to revolve on automatic measure up numbers.

Mark "Show first" if you want the an initial measure numbered.

Mark "All staves" if you desire numbers on all staves. Otherwise, just the height staff the each system shows measure numbers.

Choose to present numbers ~ above "Every system" which number the very first measure of every line, or show numbers through "Interval" and also specify the size of the interval. Because that example, one interval the 1 numbers every measure; one interval the 5 numbers every 5th measure.

Split and also join

You might want have to have a longer or shorter measure without transforming the time signature. You can adjust a measure"s expression in measure up Properties, however there is currently a brand-new option to break-up or sign up with measures. (Beams might be instantly modified.)

Join measuresFrom the food selection bar, select Edit→Measure→Join Selected Measures.

Note: If you choose measures on just one staff in a score v multiple staves, the same procedures will be join in each staff of the system.

For example, the image listed below shows the result of applying the Join command to four measures in the peak staff:

Example of join measure

Split a measureFrom the food selection bar, pick Edit→Measure→Split Measure prior to Selected Note.

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Note: If you pick only one note from one staff, each employee of the device will be separation at the same place.