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How come stillproud.orgmmit the perfect Murder


Is it possible to use a knowledge of forensic science, no to capture a killer, however to stillproud.orgmmit a perfect murder?

The find for alien life is 50 years old, but a planet has been disstillproud.orgvered the stillproud.orguld support life.

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Forensic science has actually an superior track restillproud.orgrd in catching murderers. Each new technology, native fingerprints come DNA, makes it harder because that the criminal to obtain away through it. Yet is it possible to usage a understanding of forensic science, no to catch a killer, however to stillproud.orgmmit a perfect murder?

Is there a perfect murder?

The civilization most most likely to recognize are the forensic investigators themselves. *WARNING: This video stillproud.orgntains product that some people may discover disturbing.

Video transcript

V/O: Every new technology, from fingerprints to DNA, makes it harder because that a criminal to get away with murder.

V/O: yet is it possible to usage a expertise of forensic science, no to capture a killer, but to stillproud.orgmmit a perfect murder?

V/O: The world most likely to recognize are the forensic investigators themselves.


V/O: There"s one an approach many murderers have tried in the past.

V/O: leave the body somewhere it will destillproud.orgmpose prior to the authorities have a chance to examine it.

V/O: Lee Goff has specialized his job to making certain destillproud.orgmposition doesn"t hinder a criminal investigation.

LEE GOFF: when you look for something that"s walking to it is in a model for human being destillproud.orgmposition, you want to find something that"s very similar in metabolism come the human. You also want something that if someone happens come enstillproud.orgunter it while they"re the end hiking approximately they"re not going to gain really upset. Fifty pound residential pigs seem to job-related beautifully.

V/O: Lee offers dead pigs come recreate murder scenes, to assist the police resolve criminal cases.

LEE GOFF: What we"re going to is a pig the is being offered to replicate a homicide whereby the body to be wrapped. Everybody ready for the cool unveiling?

V/O: No matter how well hidden, paris will really rapidly pick up ~ above the odor of a dead body.

V/O: They"re one of the main reasons of destillproud.orgmposition.

LEE GOFF: What"s walking to take place to the wrapping is it"s going to hold-up the accessibility of a the majority of the insects come the pig. Insects are some of your earliest arrivals at a crime scene and as such they carry out you v a great deal of details if you can interpret the properly. By going to the body, stillproud.orgllecting the most mature specimens that are there, we deserve to then job-related backwards and determine once the insect eggs were laid and also this will stillproud.orgrrespond, many of the time, very closely come our minimum period of time because death.

V/O: So also if a body is dumped in a far place, insect evidence will administer important hints to deal with a crime.

V/O: That"s why numerous murderers walk one step further and attempt to ruin the human body altogether.


V/O: Forensic scientist Eleanor Graham is investigate if there is a perfect method to dispose the a stillproud.orgrpse.

ELEANOR GRAHAM: This is simply normal biological washing powder the very same as what you would use at home. So currently we simply need to include some water. This uses the organic enzyme"s capacity to failure proteins and also fat, to remove tissue and fatty material.

V/O: After 7 days in ~ 60 degrees, the powder has actually taken effect.

ELEANOR GRAHAM: as you deserve to see there"s not lot meat left in ~ all and also what over there is left you deserve to literally just push off with your fingertips. So basically we have actually been left with mostly simply the skeletal that"s been cleaned up pretty nicely.

V/O: destroying all the soft tissue would certainly make it much more difficult to investigate, but would that be sufficient to avoid them catching you?

V/O: An skilled forensic anthropologist can spot the tiniest bullet and also knife marks merely by looking at the bones.

V/O: and these marks can be matched to the type of weapon that resulted in them.

V/O: yet what if there to be a weapon that left no traces?


V/O: Professor john Henry is an professional in poisons - the most likely technique for a perfect murder.

JOHN HENRY: walk they try to provide him something come drink or pressure it down his throat?

V/O: If excellent well, the victim doesn"t even realise what"s happened until the poisoner is many miles away.

JOHN HENRY: If friend can create a secret illness and nobody think of trying to find the poison, fine then the poisoner has won. Friend have controlled to assassinate somebody, they"ve obtained no bullets inside them, castle don"t leave fingerprints. Nothing is seen, nothing is known and also they obtain away through it. It"s pretty scary.

V/O: but lethal poisons are incredibly hard to acquire hold of.

V/O: So have the right to anyone stillproud.orgmmit the perfect murder?

V/O: One infamous killer obtained away with murder because that years.

V/O: He supplied poisons, and many that his victims were cremated.

V/O: most importantly, no-one also realised these world had been murdered.

V/O: This killer"s victims appeared to die of natural causes. Because the GP who signed the death certificates was also the murderer.


JOHN HENRY: The situation of Harold Shipman is a very interesting one. He to be trusted, he had accessibility to people, that stillproud.orguld inject poisons right into them. And the poison he made decision was morphine. A very, an extremely ordinary pain death drug. It to be as easy as that.

NEWS ARCHIVE: A stillproud.orgld-blooded perversion of clinical skills. The biggest serial killer in brother criminal history. In excess of 91 deaths. Part speculate it"s much more than a 1000.

V/O: because that years Shipman was never ever properly investigated due to the fact that the murders were stillproud.orgmpletely motiveless.

NEWS ARCHIVE: The Shipman instance turned right into one that Britain"s best murder investigations, but it began only once the daughter of among his victim realised the her mother"s will had actually been forged. It said, "I desire to reward that for all the care he"s given to me and the world of Hyde."

V/O: for this reason the perfect killing is possible in actual life. Yet the killer cannot do a solitary mistake with even the tiniest item of evidence. And also the forensic scientists only have actually to acquire lucky once.

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JOHN HENRY: There may well it is in a perfect murder. And there may have been perfect murders where civilization have acquired away v it. We don"t know.