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‘Fashion Souls’ is an important aspect of any type of Souls entry, and also Dark Souls 3 is no different.

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Mercifully, FromSoftware took the Bloodborne method for armor this time, and, uneven in 1 and also 2, armor in DS3 can not be upgraded.

This is an excellent – it leaves players with an ext upgrade products for your weapons, and makes armor into much more of a cosmetics choice.

Sure, each item has stats, however at the end of the day, it’s all around the looks.

So sign up with me together we list off several of the coolest armor to adjust in Dark Souls 3!

15. Mirrah Chain Set


Armor of the duty-bound knights the Mirrah, this collection is for true warriors.

Leaving not a solitary weakness exposed, the Mirrah chain gives off one enigmatic, intimidating vibe.

Paired v its emotionless, deep-set eye etched right into the steel mask, this collection gives anyone who dons the the feel of a remorseless fighter.

How to get: on the Irithyll bridge, after defeating the invading Creighton exterior of the church the Yorshka.

14. Dragonscale Set


The garbs of the nameless king himself, the dragonscale set is consisted of of heavy, almost saint-like class of cloth and scales.

The worn look of this collection evokes storage of an ancient lineage, long because fallen from grace and also forced to it is adapted to the finish times, or perish.

The chest in details is an awesome bulky item that fits with countless of the heavy armors in the game, finish with ornate yellow details and a thick scarf covering the bottom the the face.

How come get: Buy indigenous the shrine handmaid in Firelink after death the nameless king.

13. Drakeblood Set


This collection is a fantastic silver-engraved ebony armor, worn through the dragon-obsessed drakeblood knights.

The information in this collection is beautiful and also pairs nicely with a ton of various dark armors.

It’s surprisingly slimming on a character, especially the helmet, therefore favours being paired with smaller weapons unless you want to look contempt dwarfed.

How come get: found behind Oceiros’ bonfire after killing a summoned drakeblood article in archdragon peak.

12. Wolf Knight Set


The iconic set of the renowned Artorias from the first Dark Souls installation, this armor was badass in DS1 and also it’s just as badass now!

But top top the subject of slimming armors, this set makes you skinny. Like twig slim – especially the legs and head.

However, we can overlook the – due to the fact that how can the armor of Artorias himself be anything other than awesome?

You may have actually lost a couple of pounds bud, however we quiet love you!

How come get: Purchased from the bright handmaid in the untended tombs version of Firelink – after killing the abyss walkers.

11. Vilhelm’s Set


Did who say pinhead?

I don’t recognize what diet these DS3 men are on, but I’ve gained to obtain their recipes. This armor, choose the critical 2, provides you super thin, and has most likely the smallest helmet in the game.

Still, the looks fantastic, v its amazing layered plated legs and its chainmail poncho.

It can be mixed and matched nicely with a bunch of various other dark armors and also is a welcome addition to the fashion souls wardrobe!

How come get: uncovered in the bug-filled crypt in the painted people DLC.

10. East Armor Set


Another DS1 classic, the east armor collection is a returning pan favorite!

And very little has been altered around its design, too, still featuring the remarkable ornate red and also gold chest piece with that lion pauldron.

I’ve never ever been too offered on the helmet or gloves, personally, and also favor this armor for mixed sets myself.

How to get: Bought native the shrine handmaid in Firelink after giving her the Easterner’s ashes from Irithyll.

9. Alva Set


Alva’s was my favorite set in DS2, and also it continues its tendency of looking good here.

Featuring bulky steel plates shrouded partly with age crimson cloth, this collection looks like it originates from a knight who’s been around the block a couple of times.

The straps and also pouches bolster this – offering the figure of a prepared warrior through answers to any scenario.

Every part of this armor look at awesome and fits right into so countless mixed sets!

How to get: In a cell close to Karla in the Irithyll dungeon, after defeating the invading Alva.

8. Gundyr’s Set


Gundyr’s is a brutal-looking collection forged indigenous solid actors iron.

Showing its signs of age and also wear, this set gives the feeling of a war-savvy gladiator who knows his method around a battle.

The sheer size and also presence the Gundyr’s armor is perfect to pair with hefty weapons favor hammers and axes, offering you the aesthetic the a true executioner.

It’s also a quite nod to old king Doran native Demon Souls!

How to get: Buy that from the shrine handmaid in Firelink after beating champion Gundyr.

7. Leonhard’s Set


For world like me who love Bloodborne, this collection is ideal.

With a silver- mask and also dingy hat right from the roads of Yharnam themselves, Leonhard’s set is perfect because that dex-based builds with a focus on agility and also tactics.

The black shrouded garb can be mixed nicely into sets going for a stealthy aesthetic, too!

It also holds a nice bit of lore because that Leonhard self in the kind of item descriptions, gleaming a little of his tragic backstory.

How come get: Buy it from the shrine handmaid in Firelink after killing Leonhard.

6. Sunset Armor Set


Ever since an initial seeing Hodrick, I remained in love with his armor.

The aged brass-coloured armor wrapped in sodden rags look at incredible, offering the illustration of a war-torn sellsword hike the brutal human being of Dark Souls.

Many football player opt come mix the helmet in with their sets, despite its always been the chestplate the stood out for me!

Whichever piece you decision to wear, this set captures the essence of DS3 perfectly – fading, unforgiving, and filled v memories of battle.

How to get: complete Sirris’ questline and also kill Hodrick – the set will it is in on his corpse in the pit that hollows.

5. Fire Witch Set


Likely fairly surprising for part to see this for this reason high on the list.

The fire witch collection has always been my go-to base because that sorcery/miracle builds utilizing melee.

Its reconstruction plate, draped methodically through gorgeous white gold-trimmed towel fits so well because that battlemages, send the elegance the comes v intelligence and faith whilst still looking battle-ready.

The gauntlets space awesome too, with their long claw-like fingers, and also mix great into dex build sets!

How come get: reduce by fire witches in the Irithyll.

4. Dancer’s Set


Speaking the armor perfect because that battlemages, ns think everyone want to do an intelligence build after see this set.

The flowing, ethereal veil is for this reason unlike anything rather in DS3. That mysterious and also mystifying and also perfect for personalities who utilize magics.

It also boasts great poise for its load level, which is extremely efficient in PvP!How come get: Bought indigenous the shrine handmaid in Firelink after defeating the dancer.

3. Fallen article Set


Back in the early on days of Dark Souls 3, everyone used this set.

Aesthetically, that a perfect mix that themes from Dark Souls and Bloodborne, i m sorry is most likely why i love that so much.

Its level black armor betrays clues of elegant yellow engravings, and the totality affair is drabbed in muddied cloth, shrouding the wearer.

Whilst it may be considered a ‘noob’ set, there is beautiful irony in put on this when annihilating your foes in PvP.

How to get: discovered in the water just in front of Farron keep on the roadway of sacrifices.

2. Undead Legion Set


The undead legion collection is the attire of the abyss watchers, speculated to be apostles of Artorias.

Which is likely why the armor looks so cool.

It’s light-weight and dotted v shining steel plates, complete with an amazing fading red cape coated in tendrils that the abyss.

If i’m making a dex build, you have the right to bet your bottom dollar ns wearing this set.

I won’t be recorded dead in the cone helmet despite – Leonhard’s silver mask fits amazingly through this armor set and yes, really completes the look!

How come get: Buy native the shrine handmaid in Firelink after beating the abyss watchers.

1. Stole Dragonslayer Set


My mind was blown as soon as I observed this drop in the ringed city DLC.

The steel dragonslayer set is, in my opinion, the coolest armor in the whole game.

It’s certain perfect for strength builds many thanks to the sheer bulk of it, though functions well for top quality builds using straight swords or greatswords.

It take away the best style elements the a bunch of currently armor sets and then improves them tenfold, providing you a dominating presence of slim metal and also resembling one indestructible endoskeleton.

It’s made finish with the grinning visage helmet storage of a hammerhead shark, v an explosion of wiry blood-red plumage.

It’s truly badass, and no various other armor can top it in my mind.

How come get: Drops indigenous the dragonslayer armor in the swamp that the ringed city.

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