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Every small girl desires of being Wonder woman! This DIY Wonder woman Crown and Cuff’s craft idea uses simple document plates and a couple of craft offers you currently have top top hand. In no time in ~ all, girlfriend will have actually a terrific craft the doubles as a costume for structure confidence as their favourite female super hero!

Wonder woman Crown and also Cuffs

If you have actually a yellow marker, glitter, and also some document plates, you have the right to make a paper plate Wonder mrs crown and also cuffs in just a few minutes! children will love this wearable craft and also will invest the day zooming about the home pretending to it is in the renowned superhero herself.

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The best thing about this Wonder woman crown craft is exactly how easy the is to change a file plate right into the equipment of a modern-day superhero. These would certainly be perfect to make at a superhero birthday party, or just as a fun way to keep the youngsters occupied because that an afternoon. Accessorize with glitter, or go the extra mile with some sequins and beads!

Materials for the Wonder mrs Crown and Cuffs


Directions because that a Wonder woman Crown and also Cuffs

Draw the Wonder mrs crown form onto the center of the document plate.


Onthe second document plate (and third, if need be), eyeball the broad of about half of her child’s forearm and also draw an rundown of the cuffs top top the document plate.


Color the cuffs and crown yellow, then cut out.


Draw a star ~ above the cuffs and also crown v glue. Cover the adhesive in red glitter, climate let dry.

Once the stars room dry, reduced a hole into each edge of the cuffs, and also on either side of the crown. (You have the right to either use the scissors or a solitary hole puncher.)

Thread string v each the the holes, leaving enough to tie approximately the child’s wrist (for the cuffs) and head (for the crown).

Tie a node in the strings to host them in place.

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Tie the accessories onto your child, and also they are ready to go off and also save the day!

If you want to do this sturdier, you can include a great of tape approximately every hole and also use elastic string rather of the constant string. This will certainly make the cuffs and crown simpler to remove and wear again later.

Your kid is a supervisor Hero!

As you can see, this Wonder mrs crown and also cuffs craft idea is a great little project that any type of age can aid you make. If a bit messy v glitter and also paint, that isn’t too poor for younger youngsters to aid make. It adds perfectly through a Wonder woman Costume, or simply for a fun afternoon play time with your kids. Add top top a cute blue and also red bathing suit or leotard, and also you have a simple costume in no time!