Read thing 32-2 in her online history textbook, The Americans.1. Exactly how were the "plumbers" connected to chairman Nixon?They were hired by Mitchell, the leader that the CRP(committee to reelect the president) come break right into somewhere and see the Democrat"s project ideas.2. That was the judge? Why did that hand the end maximum sentences?John Sirica was the judge. He handed the end maximum sentences because he wanted to fear them into telling ~ above others that were involved.3. How were Mitchell and Dean linked to Nixon?Mitchell to be the attorney general and Dean to be the presidential counsel. Mitchell ran the CRP-committee to reelect the president, which was the group that broke into the project headquarters.4. Just how were Haldeman and also Erlichman linked to Nixon?Haldeman to be the chef of staff and Ehrlichman was the chief domestic advisor.5. What walk the complying with men tell the Senate about Nixon? a. Dean said that Nixon had actually been deeply affiliated in the cover-up. B. Butterfield revealed the Nixon had taped nearly all of his presidential conversations.6. Who was fired or compelled to resign in the "massacre"?Cox (special prosecutor) to be fired, Attorney general Richardson resigned, and the deputy lawyer general additionally was fired.7. Why weren"t investigators satisified through the transcripts?They want unedited copies, but Nixon refused. Unedited transcripts would certainly be an ext useful in finding evidence than edited ones. Also without the unedited tapes, castle had sufficient evidence to fee Nixon through obstruction the justice, abuse of power, and also contempt that congress for refusing to follow a conference subpoena to relax the tapes.8. What go the tapes reveal?The tapes had numerous gaps. The most crucial tape was 6 days after ~ Watergate. There to be a conversation between Nixon and also Haldeman that showed that Nixon had actually known around the role of members the his administration in the burglary, and he had actually agreed to arrangement to cover it up.9. Why did Vice chairman Spiro Agnew resign?He to be not involved with watergate. He to be receiving illegal payments and bribes.10. What did the house Judiciary Committee charge President Nixon with?Obstruction of justice, abuse that power, and contempt that congress for refusing to follow a conference subpoena to relax the tapes.11. Just how did the Watergate scandal produce a constitutional crisis?The whole nation looked bad because the president had done something bad enough to have actually him impeached.

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Also, the executive branch had actually too much power and also Nixon may have thought he might have acquired away with anything. This goes against the constitution.
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