“CAN’T gain OVER YOU,” a share song in between singer Joji and frequent A$AP Rocky producer Clams Casino, was all of sudden released on October 2, 2018 together a pre-order for his… read More 

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I can't get over youCan’t get over youAnd before I dice I pray thatI might be the oneThat I can be the oneBut i won't be no funIf ns can't have you, no one canHighlights, in the limelightCan you present me, come the nightlifeBaby i like, all colors likeBut I desire you, and also I don’t know right (Don't know right)Tell me more, I got a box cutter v your name on itTell me more, ns can't stay this long on the same topicI don't recognize you, yet would I autumn in love with you?I don't have actually no society cuesI'm all for friend (Ayy)I can't acquire over friend (Ooh, yeah, ooh, ooh)Can't get over youAnd prior to I dice I pray (Yup) thatI could be the oneThat I might be the oneBut ns won’t be no funIf ns can’t have you, no one can
“CAN’T get OVER YOU,” a joint song in between singer Joji and also frequent A$AP Rocky producer Clams Casino, was suddenly released top top October 2, 2018 alongside a pre-order for his debut album, BALLADS 1. This is additionally one of 2 singles that Clams operated on and also released that day, the various other titled “Gravity” with Plu2o Nash.

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The song, special an upbeat tempo, has Joji experimenting love at first sight and its power, making you execute foolish points without assumed for consequences.

Joji, Clams Casino, and Joji’s label 88rising made no announcements prior to the song’s release nor the album’s pre-order. However, Joji and Clams did monitor each various other on both Instagram and also Twitter.

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