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Steve from Chino HillsGunnar"s family was on Celebrity wife Swap. He"s now a an extremely cautious, humble family members man. Gone is the long flowing hair. Condor native Tarpon Springs, FlWithout Nelson, there can be no Hanson.Jeff indigenous Flint, MiThis CD has actually a couple of songs that obtained airtime. Everyone have to take a few minutes and also listen to a feww of there songs. Pop story tellers!Craig native Manitowoc, WiAwesome struggle of the beforehand 1990"s. I newly dragged the end the cassette I have of Nelson and also listen to it like I walk in the day.see an ext comments
All around That BassMeghan Trainor

Meghan Trainor and also her producer Kevin Kadish initially wrote "All about That Bass" for another artist come record. However, after Epic records boss LA Reid heard Meghan pat a demo of the tune on a ukulele, the signed the young songwriter to his label and also told she she need to sing it.

Red Red WineUB40

Arizona DJ male Zapoleon play UB40"s "Red Red Wine" 4 years ~ it was released as component of a function on songs that should have actually been hits. Listeners began requesting the tune and also within mainly it was topping the hot 100.

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night StarJudas priest

Judas Priest"s "Evening Star" is a Christmas carol that defines the trip of the Magi from a an initial person perspective.

Body and also SoulLibby Holman

When Tony Bennett and Amy Winehouse"s variation of "Body and also Soul" do the hot 100, Bennett came to be at age 85, the oldest living artist to chart.

every StarSmash Mouth

"All Star" was written as a to trust builder for fans who were bullied because that liking stop Mouth.

Girls and also BoysBlur

Damon Albarn discovered inspiration because that Blur"s "Girls and also Boys" whilst on vacation in Magaluf top top the Spanish island of Majorca.

Christopher CrossSongwriter Interviews

The male who created Yacht Rock v "Sailing" wrote among his biggest hits while on acid.

Facebook, Bromance and also Email - The very first Songs come Use brand-new WordsSong writing

Do girlfriend remember the an initial time girlfriend heard "email" in a song? How around "hater" or "Facebook"? right here are the songs where they very first showed up.

endure Nirvana with sub Pop Founder Bruce PavittSong creating

The guy who ran Nirvana"s very first label gets beyond the sensationalism (drugs, Courtney) to discuss their music and social triumphs in the years before Nevermind.

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Adam Schlesinger that Fountains of WayneSongwriter Interviews

The man who brought us "Stacy"s Mom" also wrote the woman Lynch Emmy song and also Stephen Colbert"s Christmas songs.

Producer Ron NevisonSong writing

Ron Nevison defines in really clear state the Quadrophenia concept and also how heart staged their revival after gift dropped by their document company.

glen BurtnikSongwriter Interviews

On Glen"s résumé: fight songwriter, facebook dominator, and member the Styx.