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Jim Lewies native Oshawa OntarioOf food vampires have actually been mysterious, dangerous, and also sexual. This track took ~ above a personal an interpretation to me. The woman who I had actually agreed to marry short article pandemic ended up parting methods from me since of the difficulties of day come day life in an emergency lockdown. 2 of out wedding dates came and went v us tho in lockdown. The night she left ns came challenge to challenge with a lesbian who had never taken into consideration a man before meeting me. The mystery that she walk not recognize is the the woman i was come marry liked girls too. The match was good, yet the timing to be bad. The future is large open, however life go on roughly us and things hardly ever go follow to plan. Thanks for year of music complete of an enig and imagination, BOCOh, yeah ns rewrote the lyrics as a duet between myself and also the lesbian that i met the night. She sings the parts assigned come the female character to speak "Won"t you you re welcome stay? I just can"t look away because I"ve never ever seen a man quite prefer you" at the final chorus we rotate to my wife-to-be (maybe) simply substituting we for I.Max native Salt Lake City, UtBOC has actually come ideal out and also said this track is around Vampires.There is a little bridge piece, and final verse the was reduced from the Spectres album, but is play live which provides it clear around the meaning.What surprise wonders now are over there to see?They were stated to me.If just you had been over there my dearWe might have shared this togetherMissing verse:Now I never rise until sun falls.And my vision knows no walls.And i’m trying to find ladies go alone.They forget the day.When they hear me say.Then Chorus againJoe from grants Pass, OrThis is still mine fav the BOC..Joe from grants Pass, OrAlan Lanier is for this reason underrated!Dane from green Cove Springs Fla., FlCool tune by a really underated band.Nice harmonies too.Paul indigenous Rothesay, Nb, CanadaI observed BOC in the beforehand 80"s, sustained by Aldo Nova. As we to be leaving, complying with the encore, this tune was blasting through the PA. A haunting song.Matt native Winter Park, FlI never connected this track with vampires. It"s constantly been one of my favourite Blue Oyster Cult song ever. I love the yes, really chill vibe it offers off.see an ext comments
OhioCrosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Neil Young wrote the CSN&Y song "Ohio" about the Kent State Shootings, when the national Guard opened up fire top top students at Kent State college in Ohio, killing four.

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acquire Up (I Feel choose Being a) Sex MachineJames Brown

James Brown"s "Get increase (I Feel like Being a) Sex Machine" was the very first Hot 100 struggle with words "sex" in the title.

Party DollBuddy Knox & the rhythm Orchids

The drum sound on girlfriend Knox"s 1957 united state #1 hit "Party Doll" was in reality made by a cardboard box filled with cotton.

Hotline BlingDrake

The fadeout on Drake"s "Hotline Bling" big 55 seconds - one of the longest outros of any kind of hip-hop hit.

ideal RoundFlo Rida

An unknown Ke$ha sang on Flo-Rida"s #1 fight "Right Round," but refused to appear in the video because she want to do a surname for herself.

that Wasn"t MeShaggy

"It Wasn"t Me" through Shaggy was based upon an Eddie Murphy comedy little bit where he would deny whatever no matter how badly he to be caught.

David GraySongwriter Interviews

David Gray describes the significance of the word "Babylon," and talks around how songs space a type of active imagination, through lyrics that disclose what"s within us.

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TV layout SongsFact or Fiction

Was a Beatles track a TV theme? and also who came up v those new Prince and Sopranos songs?

Michael W. SmithSongwriter Interviews

Smith division down some of his praise tracks and his mainstream hits, consisting of "I will certainly Be here For You" and also "A ar In This World."

Elton JohnFact or Fiction

Does he have actually beef v Gaga? Is that Sean Lennon"s godfather? view if you can tell reality from fiction in the Elton john edition.

Jules Shear - "All v The Night"They"re play My song

Shears does very tiny promotion, which has kept that secluded indigenous the spotlight. What changed when Cyndi Lauper had a hit through his song? no much, really.

Ian Astbury the The CultSongwriter Interviews

The Cult frontman tells that the "Fire Woman" is, and also talks about performing with the brand-new version that The Doors.