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"A Love Song" is a song written by Kenny Loggins and Dona Lyn George, an initial released through the folk-rock duo Loggins and Messina in 1973 on their album complete Sail. Nation artist ann Murray (who"d taken her recording of one more Loggins & Messina recording, "Danny"s Song", to the top-ten in late 1972) covered the song later that year for she album of the exact same name. Exit in December 1973, Murray"s version came to be a significant crossover hit at an early stage in 1974. In her indigenous Canada, it topped all three singles charts: the all at once Top Singles chart, the country Tracks chart and the Adult modern-day chart. In the joined States, the tune peaked at No. 5 on the Billboard newspaper Hot country Singles chart and also just let go the height 10 the the Billboard warm 100, peaking at No. 12. The track fared even better there in the adult modern market — it came to be Murray"s third chart-topper on Billboard"s American hot Adult modern-day Singles chart. (In Canada, the was her seventh No. 1 ~ above both the country and also adult modern charts.) This was Murray"s 2nd Loggins & Messina cover, having charted v her variation of their "Danny"s Song" the previous year.more »

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There"s a wren in a pasture woodFlies so high and sings therefore goodAnd he bring to you what he sings to youAnd the love in his lullabySeem come tell me if ns try, I could fly because that youLover i wanna try for friend "causeI wanna sing you a love songI wanna absent you in my arms all night longI wanna obtain to understand youI wanna show you the peaceful feelin" of mine homeSummer thunder top top moon-bright daysNorthern lights and skies ablaze I lug to youIf friend let me song to youSilver wing in a fiery skyShow the trace of mine love and also I sing to youLove is what I carry to youI wanna song to you, ohI wanna song you a love songI wanna absent you in mine arms every night longI wanna acquire to know youI wanna present you the serene feelin" of mine homeI wanna song you a love songI wanna rock you in mine arms all night longI wanna acquire to recognize youI wanna display you the peaceful feelin" of mine home

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Kenny Loggins Kenneth Clark "Kenny" Loggins (born January 7, 1948) is an American singer and songwriter. That is known for soft absent music start during the 1970s, and later for writing and performing because that movie soundtracks in the 1980s.

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Originally a component of the duo Loggins and Messina, he came to be a solo artist and also has created songs for various other artists. Much more »