I"ve checked out this sentence supplied massively by human being on social media posts. Thus I searched around this top top google but couldn"t know the precise meaning.

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What i have found on my research has given below -I wouldn"t want to adjust a thing, due to the fact that I am happy v it. That is the means that I like it./I would not enable that to be different./I wouldn"t adjust anything, also if i could.

But civilization on society media use it favor it method "there is no other way that I have the right to have this".



The outcomes of your research study are correct and its typical usage is as BoldBen described.

When us say the line us emphasize words "way".

I wouldn"t have actually it any type of other way.

If, instead, us were come emphasize the word "have"

I wouldn"t have it any kind of other way

it could be interpreted as "there is no other method that I deserve to have this."

But if the is indeed what the world on social media room trying to say, there are much better ways to say it! for example,

It"s the only way I can have this.


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